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    I've been thinking about this for a while and in a few months I think I'll go through with it as long as I can get some help. RILA, the Rhode Island Liberty Alliance, is an idea I've had for some time. I think there are a lot of people in Rhode Island who are as apathetic as those who have been drawn to not only Ron Pauls campaign for president but to the liberty movement. Unfortunately, we have no candidates or organizations in the state to draw and inspire these voters. My belief is that the only way to bring about change is not only bring people together obviously, but doing so at the local level. Rhode Island is in a mess and as much as the federal government plunges our country into the abyss, we can still make better the downfalls of the welfare state we call home.

    I'll be setting up the website in the next few months. I'll be looking for help with coding the site, some graphics, writing articles, and more importantly outreach to Rhode Island communities and voters. What better place to start looking for help than the RPF! So, if you're a Rhode Island citizen and you'd like to help out in this project, please contact me via email at

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    Rather than posting a new thread I thought I'd just bump this one. I'm ready to go with this idea. I don't think there's much time to waste. Please email me at

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