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Thread: Live now on revolution broadcasting!!!

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    Live now on revolution broadcasting!!!

    Raymond D. Powell
    Founder, New Dawn Project
    Head Geek,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kludge View Post

    WHAT?! LE! Your signature -- the subforum name!
    lol. oops.
    Open Borders: A Libertarian Reappraisal or why only dumbasses and cultural marxists are for it.

    Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

    The Property Basis of Rights

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    How do we vote at the end? Will a link open up on the website? Will someone on the broadcast give explicit instructions?

    The info on the page says "To cast a vote, one must visit the special voting page specified on the ticket purchase receipt." I don't see one though....

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulConventionWV View Post
    You're not making the claim that there's no objective best diet, are you?

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    May 2007 will have all the details.

    Some are there now.
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    Voting doesn't start until 10 PM. I imagine it will be given at that time. The host reads the BTM chat, so I'm fairly certain it will be covered before voting...

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