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Thread: Where should I relocate to in MT?

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    Where should I relocate to in MT?

    I am thinking about it. I like it's "Free State" status. I currently live in FL but am from the north (Chicago) so would just have to readjust to the cold.

    I never really lived in an area that had less then about 70,000 people but noticed Missoula was the largest city with 100,000 while the capital has only 30,000.

    Was looking at real estate prices in Missoula and the for what you get it seems like there's still a bubble there too compared to FL.

    Any recommendations? I currently work as an engineer so would have to find similar employment first and foremost.

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    I moved here from SE Michigan in 97 started out one hour south of missoula,
    currently live 2 hours North of Kalispell.... Both locations have milder winters than MI.
    On craigslist realestate I have noticed must sell or price reduced in adds starting a couple months ago..
    Figure on taking a pay cut....

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    I moved from Florida to Nashville a few years back. Trust me, Florida is one of the best States in the country!

    Now I love the west, but unless I was independently wealthy, I don't think I'd want to live out there. I enjoy being able to go out to eat on a whim, not having to drive 50 miles for groceries. Meeting new people of similar interests or going to a concert. I also don't like being cold.
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    Misesian did you ever make it up here to MT?

    Matt there are a few things I would like to correct on what you said about MT.
    there are tons of places to eat unless you live 60miles out.
    I live ten miles out of town and have access to everything about 20 min away in great falls and great falls being an Airforce town there is a diverse people here.
    I moved from Los Angeles I know people, bad people good people honest people the best people live here I have found and our Canadian neighbors are so nice I feel that I am not polite enough sometimes.
    meeting new people is easy yes there are chitheads everywhere but here in MT they aren't fake they are not afraid to be rude or Polite if that's who they are.
    most everywhere else that I have been people will be your friend just to rob you!

    it is cold here I love it much more then 110* in Cali, I know that MT has the coldest winters on record compared to the states but it is so much fun if you know how to enjoy nature and life.

    we have so many concerts and shows and the Expo park, there is just so much I love about this state I could go on forever....

    yes you will take a pay cut, although I think the pay cut is offset by the fact that you dont pay any sales tax oh and we have more freedom than any state!! I will take a pay cut for that any day.
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    I lived in Bozeman, MT growing up. I wouldn't suggest that area, it's like a mini-California.

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    bumpagae. I'm may move to Montana. Within an hour drive of Missoula is what I'm thinking.

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