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Thread: Anyone know anything about metal detectors?

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    Anyone know anything about metal detectors?

    I'm planning on spending about $550 on my first metal detector.
    Likely I'll get one that can be used under water.
    Anyone have any good buying advice here?
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    As far as what kind to buy, that's one of those, it depends on who you talk to kind of things, I say Whites is the way to go, although I can also say, that is the only kind I've ever used.

    My personal advice to you would be to save up and get a Whites Matrix M6, same as the higher up $ Whites detectors (14khz, coil, etc.) but simple to use and learn, it doesn't carry a lot of fluff with it, just a couple of knobs, which to me is a good thing. As far as where to buy, shop around bigtime, try to find a dealer with a package (free stuff that comes with it). By the time you go through all of the Detectors in the forums below you'll have saved up even more money. By the way, when you read "reviews" on Detectors make sure to check their signatures for a Dealership thing, they may be biased for some strange reason.

    After all that I can say that if you're going to go underwater then you will have to specifically get an underwater compliant detector of which I know nothing about. Search and ask around below.
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    Oh - I thought this was going to be a question about TSA ha ha ha
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    Dh swears by his Whites.
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