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Thread: Dave Garber's Big List of Suggestions

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    Lightbulb Dave Garber's Big List of Suggestions

    Here are some ideas that I've compiled from Ron Paul's MySpace group and northern Utah's meetup group and elsewhere...

    * Donate money to Ron Paul's campaign if you can afford it--every bit helps. Do odd jobs or donate blood or something to raise extra cash if you like.

    * Express your support! Post Ron Paul banners or signs where permissible along high-traffic routes. One strategy is to knock on doors of homes either on corners of major intersections or on outside curves on busy roads and, if they support Ron Paul, then ask if you can post a huge sign on their lawn where drivers-by can see it. Post Ron Paul fliers where permissible where passers-by on foot are likely to see them--kiosks, telephone poles, bulletin boards, et cetera. Put a Ron Paul sign in your yard and/or in your window. Place a Ron Paul bumper sticker/magnet on your car or bicycle. Buy Ron Paul t-shirts, polo shirts, and/or buttons and wear them. has plenty of Ron Paul stuff like this for sale. Also, put Ron Paul web banners and such on your website, if you have one. Some folks on Ron Paul's MySpace group and elsewhere have developed some nice ones if you don't want to make your own. Get his campaign as visible as possible.

    * Place Ron Paul ads in your local newspapers, whether classified ads or Internet ads or retail ads. Monitor their articles and write good letters-to-the-editor in response to appropriate articles presenting Ron Paul in a positive light. Call talk radio shows to which you listen and do the same. If you have the resources, then buy a TV spot or a radio spot or rent a billboard or do something fun and unusual and creative. Advertise!

    * Get Ron Paul business cards and distribute them at every appropriate opportunity. Go door-to-door in your community (or outside of it) distributing fliers, brochures, and/or door hangers, as well as talking to folks about why you support Ron Paul and why you believe that they should, as well. You don't have to design your own campaign materials for this purpose unless you want to do so--you can find many designs on the Internet produced by creative Ron Paul supporters that you can readily print and distribute.

    * Staff booths at local town festivals or county fairs or other appropriate events where permissible. Have a Ron Paul bake sale and donate all profits to his campaign. Get people together for a Ron Paul rally--and notify the local media with a press release in advance so that you might get some coverage. Host a party at your home for the next Presidential debates and express your support Ron Paul at them.

    * Talk about Ron Paul with your relatives, friends, co-workers, associates, random strangers, et cetera.

    * Get active with your local meetup group, sharing both ideas and resources and coordinating on group projects. If you're a student, then organize a student club to do the same on your campus.

    * Plan to get yourself elected to serve as a state delegate to next year's Republican National Convention.

    Can anyone think of anything that I missed? Thanks!

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    Thanks Dave!

    I'm going to try and have a show on every Friday. I'm going to try and promote it. It could be fun! Don't hesitate to listen or call in!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjLoTi View Post
    Thanks Dave!

    I'm going to try and have a show on every Friday. I'm going to try and promote it. It could be fun! Don't hesitate to listen or call in!!
    You're most welcome! And thanks for this info about your radio show.

    And here's one more suggestion that I almost forgot... for you folks who have a barn, paint a big Ron Paul sign on the side of it!

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    Lightbulb One Last HUGE Suggestion

    Holy cow! I forgot the most vital one of all...

    * Vote for Ron Paul, both in your state Republican Party's primary elections whenever they may be held and in our nation's general election on Election Day!

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    Exclamation "How You Can Support Ron Paul" Flier - Your Input Requested

    I'm now turning this list of suggestions into a flier to distribute. I'd love to receive your feedback about this list below, no matter how minor your critiques may be. Have I somehow overlooked anything? Is any of this text not sufficiently clear? Et cetera? Thanks! Here's the list...

    * You don’t have to work alone—in fact, networking with other grassroots activists can be very useful for sharing ideas, for offering each other resources, and for collaborating on major local projects. Please visit to (hopefully) start networking with other Ron Paul supporters in your local area as soon as possible. If you’re a student, then either organize or join a club that will promote Ron Paul and his principles to fellow students at your school.

    * Promote Ron Paul to your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, fellow club members, housemates, random strangers, et cetera, as appropriate.

    * Print Ron Paul 2008 business cards, keep some of them handy at all times, and distribute them at every appropriate opportunity.

    * If you have a website, then decorate it with Ron Paul 2008 banners and/or other images, many of which are available from various websites on the Internet.

    * Display Ron Paul 2008 signs on your fence or in your yard or inside your window or painted on your barn (if you have one), sport Ron Paul 2008 stickers or magnets on your car’s bumper, affix Ron Paul 2008 stuff to your bicycle or your backpack, wear Ron Paul 2008 shirts or hats or buttons, et cetera. If you don’t want to make your own Ron Paul 2008 materials, then you can find a wide variety of them to buy on the Internet, especially at You can also learn how to make your own stencil signs at

    * Post Ron Paul 2008 support in your community—for example, display large signs or banners where they will be most visible to as many people as possible, such as at major intersections or on the outside edges of curves in major roads, and post fliers on community kiosks or telephone poles or bulletin boards or other places where many passers-by will notice them readily. Avoid any such thing if it will violate either local laws or private property rights.

    * Go door-to-door to promote Ron Paul to people and/or to distribute fliers, leaflets, brochures, door hangers, or other literature. If you don’t want to make your own materials, then you can find a wide variety of them in various places on the Internet, such as Yahoo!’s active Ron Paul Graphics Group. When leaving rolled-up fliers at doors, it’s effective to have the text “Ron Paul 2008” immediately visible (without having to unroll them) to those who find them.

    * If you can locate enough Ron Paul supporters living at major intersections or on outside curves in major roads, then ask them if you can place huge signs in their respective yards, obtain their permission to do this in writing, have a sign-making party to make signs for them all, distribute these signs, and also give these property owners telephone numbers that they can call to obtain replacement signs if theirs should ever become stolen or damaged. This is far better than placing signs on public property where they may not remain for long.

    * Rent and staff booths at town festivals, at county fairs, at state political conventions, or at other appropriate events in your area, both to promote Ron Paul and his principles and to recruit fellow Ron Paul supporters. If you can’t rent a booth, then perhaps distribute fliers on public property along high-traffic pedestrian routes, if any, beside these events.

    * Work with other Ron Paul supporters to create a Ron Paul 2008 float and then to ride it in local parades—or simply to march together in these parades carrying banners or something.

    * Organize fellow Ron Paul supporters to participate in rallies, such as a pro-U.S.-Constitution Ron Paul rally on Constitution Day or a leave-the-U.N. Ron Paul rally on United Nations Day. Similarly, get together for a “honk-and-wave” on occasion, either to promote specific events or to generally display enthusiastic support for Ron Paul. Be prepared to give contact information to others who may approach you to ask how they can get involved with your activities.

    * Notify your local media of any major events that you are planning via news releases. Also post information about these coming events to community events calendars on the Internet, as well as to websites like Craig’s List and Eventful and Evite and MySpace Events.

    * Place advertisements, whether classified ads or Internet ads or retail ads, in any or all of your local newspapers, including free newspapers such as American Classifieds, both to promote Ron Paul and to recruit fellow grassroots supporters of him. Monitor these newspapers’ articles and write letters-to-the-editor supporting Ron Paul in response to appropriate articles.

    * Call talk radio shows to which you listen, if any, to express relevant feedback in favor of Ron Paul. Write letters to these shows’ hosts to explain why you support Ron Paul and to encourage them to join you in endorsing him.

    * If you can afford it, then buy a television/radio spot or rent a billboard or fly a Ron Paul blimp or hire a skywriter to write his name in the air or do something else fun and unusual and creative to publicize support for Ron Paul.

    * Use an auto-dialer to telephone people to promote Ron Paul, along with any major events that you are organizing to support him.

    * Donate money to Ron Paul’s campaign if you can afford to do so. Or raise money to donate—host bake sales, do odd jobs for extra cash, sell plasma, or do whatever else may suit your fancy! And don’t underestimate the power of small contributions when given in large numbers.

    * Host parties to watch Republican Presidential debates with others that you know. Ensure that some of your guests are fellow Ron Paul supporters who can try to influence your other guests’ views in Ron Paul’s favor. Provide food for all of your guests if feasible.

    * Be sure to vote for Ron Paul in any or all online polls, especially in post-debate ones.

    * Organize voter-registration drives to help Ron Paul supporters to register to vote.

    * If you are both willing and able to serve as one of your state’s delegates to the next Republican National Convention—which will be held in 2008 on September 1st-4th in St. Paul, Minnesota—then please campaign for this position. To learn when, where, and how your state’s Republicans will elect their RNC delegates, please contact your state’s Republican Party headquarters.

    * Donate both your spare time and your spare cellular-phone minutes to call Ron Paul supporters to encourage them to go vote during elections. Or locate some bored and lonely retirement-home residents and hire them to do this.

    * Most importantly, vote for Ron Paul, both in your state’s Republican Party primary elections, whenever they may be, and in our nation’s general elections on Election Day 2008!

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    Smile Flier - "How You Can Support Ron Paul"

    Well, I made my flier! You can view it here. Feel free to spread it around if you find it helpful to you. Thanks!

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    Nice list Dave!

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    * Make a beer coozie 'ron paul for prez' and take it with you to college parties

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