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    Do the Austrians of today actually implement policies according to Mises/Hayek school of austrian economics or have they too been swayed by the Keynesian proponents.
    I guess no country has survived the fiat money regime of the dollar.

    Also, RP belives that he would like the US govt to emulate the Swiss govt.But does the Swiss govt pass the liberty test?. I dont think it does.

    It was one of the last nations to introduce universal suffrage-women got the right to vote as late as 1973. Hunting and kidnapping of Roma Gypsies was a lawful activity as late as the 70s.
    Economic liberty?. The Swiss folks get their sugar from home grown beet which is 14 times costlier than imported sugar -but it is all subsidised by the welfare state.

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    if i recall correctly, the name "austrian school" comes from its originators being from austria, and the nazi's started calling it the austrian school as a derogatory name, but then eventually they accepted it as an honor, i don't know where it is studied or followed other than in the US

    edit: not saying that the government follows austrian in the US, but here is the only place of i know of for sure that has places where you can study it
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