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John Wallace, a Candidate for Congress in New York's 20th Congressional Distrist, has released the following:

Sandy Treadwell has filed a "Request for Judicial Intervention" with the Dutchess County Supreme Count in an attempt to keep John Wallace, of Columbia County, off the September Republican primary ballot.

There are over 60 different allegations outlined in the court filing that accuse Wallace and the people who helped him obtain the signatures for the nominating petitions of just about every technical violation there is in the election law regarding petitions.

"This is a classic example of the millionaire candidate using his vast resources to silence the grassroots candidate and at the same time disenfranchise all of the Republican voters who signed my petitions. Treadwell has accused me of everything but stealing the kitchen sink." Wallace said.

Wallace was still waiting to hear from the State Board of Elections when a copy of Treadwell's filing was delivered to his house on Friday afternoon via US mail. In the adjoining 21st Congressional District, the Republicans running in the primary did not file objections to each other petitions.

Wallace said: "I do not know why Sandy Treadwell is so afraid of givng the people in the distinct a choice in the primary. What's wrong with an honest discussion of the issues that are facing the people here and in the rest of the country? Whether I win this petition fight or not, I think Sandy Treadwell, by his own actions in this matter, is showing that he is afraid of a candidate who talks about the corruption of our congress by special interest money and the federal government's increasing attacks on the freedoms and liberties of its own citizens."

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