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Thread: ATTN RON PAUL CHICKS: i need a tent to sleep in (not even joking with this thread)

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    sounds ghey

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    Quote Originally Posted by shemdogg View Post
    lmao i swear to god i aint tryin to get laid

    just a guaranteed place to sleep so i can book this flight

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    LOL how did I ever miss this drama?

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    Forget the tent I'd be happy just getting laid myself, but not by myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by V3n View Post

    + rep
    Im not a libertarian. Im not advocating everyone run around with no clothes on and smoke pot.

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    I'm still LMAO. Can any of the admin tell what Shem's post count was when he posted the OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by berrybunches View Post
    I don't believe he found a chick to sleep with but I am not 100%. I know the last night he was curled up by the fire using an extra blanket I brought and a bottle of Jim Beam. He was happy.
    I'm pretty sure he had a forum chick in his avatar photo for a while--is this thread how he found her?

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    Feel honored to have been a part of this classic thread hahah .
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    Quote Originally Posted by TGGRV View Post
    Conza, why do you even bother? lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    shemdogg, joseph and The One, etc.

    We need a chip in to get these guys laid so they stop harassing the few RP girls out there.
    So since I'm not harassing anyone I don't get a part in the chipin action? Me sad. Anyway all we need is love and while you can buy sex, you can't buy love.

    Love shaped like an hour glass that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    What are you laughing at? He took the lady's advice and it worked quite well for him. Quite well indeed.

    Quote Originally Posted by rp08orbust View Post
    I'm still LMAO. Can any of the admin tell what Shem's post count was when he posted the OP?
    Don't know if any of them has a memory that good (or me either), but I want to say it was more or less 1K. What's more, he didn't have one single solitary point of rep. Of course, none of us did.
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    lmao @ this thread
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