And I would like to have that changed. I'm going to start doing things around the UD Campus: having handouts (specifics yet to be determined), creating a student organization (specifics yet to be determined), talking to people more, etc. I'd like to know a few names/user IDs of people around Delaware that is or would like to be some what active. I have a couple friends that I'll be working with in my respects... I'd just like the state to be more active. My apologies if I am mistaken and there is some other website for Delaware that I'm missing out on... I'm basing this assumption purely on the activity and responses to threads in this forum.

After all, just because we're a small state, doesn't mean we can't make a big influence.

So let me know if there are any Delawareans out there that are or want to be active and what you are doing and/or what you would like to do.