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Thread: Pentagon will buy Satellites to do more Spying - $4+ BILLION...

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    Question Pentagon will buy Satellites to do more Spying - $4+ BILLION...

    Could Spy? Are these reporters SHEEP? The government SCRAPPED a surveillance System AFTER WASTING $5 BILLION!

    These NEW BIRDS will be highly elliptical orbits with a 200NM Perigee and a 22K NM apogee, most likely.

    The satellites could spy on enemy troop movements, spot construction at suspected nuclear sites and alert commanders to new militant training camps.

    Can be used to SPY on Americans, or anybody in the world!

    The Broad Area Surveillance Intelligence Capability (BASIC) satellite system will cost between $2 billion and $4 billion. It would add to the secret constellation of satellites that now circle the Earth, producing still images that are pieced together into one large mosaic.

    $2-4 BILLION each plus all the development, launch activities, On-Orbit house keeping, and of Course, Tasking and Mission Requirements. So IRS, Start collecting more TAXES or FED Start Printing more money!

    "The new satellite system is meant to bridge what Intelligence Agencies FEAR will become a huge gap caused by cancellation in September 2005 of a major component of the Future Imagery Architecture System overseen by the National Reconnaissance Office. Prime contractor The Boeing Co., headquartered in Chicago, ran into technical problems developing the satellite and spent nearly $10 billion, blowing its budget by $5 billion before the Pentagon pulled the plug, according to industry experts and government reports.

    The Pentagon now hopes BASIC will fill in some of the lost capabilities."

    The nation's classified network of satellites represents some of the most expensive government programs and receives almost no public oversight. Because of their multibillion-dollar price tags, sensitive missions and lengthy development schedules, spy agencies go to great pains to keep details from becoming public.

    But if history is an indicator, the price tag could climb much higher as the new satellite is built. The House and Senate intelligence committees have criticized the Pentagon and intelligence agencies' management of space programs. Half the programs have experienced cost growth of 50 percent or more.
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