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Thread: Red yeast rice/Lovastatin/FDA--things that aggravate me.

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    Default Red yeast rice/Lovastatin/FDA--things that aggravate me.

    Someone posted a link to an article that mentioned the FDA's banning of red yeast rice because it naturally contains "lovastatin." I did some research and it irked me to no end.

    Okay, here's the synopsis of the development:

    It has been used in Chinese medicine since at least 800 A.D. for various purposes and to remove "blood blockages."

    Some American pharmaceutical company gets ahold of this stuff and extracts the specific chemical that lowers cholesterol, goes through the FDA, it's good stuff, few side-effects and the patent goes through.

    Now, since red rice yeast is sold as a supplement (and has a controlled drug in it,) the FDA calls it illegal and bans it's sale. Allegedly, the only supplements of it that you can get do not contain the statin any longer. It is banned in it's original form.

    This is absolutely outrageous. I'll be doing more research, mostly on how to ferment it yourself. Poor people in this country have to pay a manufacturer to produce the drug, when it's something that you can get from an herbalist and has been used for over a thousand years. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Thanks to whomever posted that original article.

    P.S. My mother (she's a nurse) talked to her pharmacist about it, and he confirmed that the supplement, in its original form did actually lower cholesterol. I know that's second-hand info, but I'm just sayin'.
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