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Thread: Home video, Raised $$ and thank you to Veterans for Peace/Military Families Speak Out

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    Thumbs up Home video, Raised $$ and thank you to Veterans for Peace/Military Families Speak Out

    Here's home video I made, not the best but it's coming from my heart.
    Please let me know if the background sound okay? I'm the only one Deaf producer with no hearing ability

    I want to thank you to Military Families Speak Out organization in Orange County, and Veterans for Peace, they accepted my courtesy request if I could sit next to them, distribute the Revolution March flyers and Military dogtags "Make History, 7-12-08" with a bootprint.

    Last Friday, I received donations of $30 from MFSO
    Last Sunday, I received donations of $105 at Arlington West of Santa Monica (Veterans for Peace)

    I will deposit $135 into Revolution March Chip-In plus I will chip in with addition of $50 for the June 14th, MarchBomb.

    Enjoy the video, please feel free to help if you want to make any enchancement on it?

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    Wow. Just...Wow.

    Great Video. That soldier hit it home, we NEED to get this country back.

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    Default That soldier

    Thanks, I have a huge respect for that soldier who's been coming to Arlington West for one year! He's loyal and loves our country. You bet, we need to take back our country!

    I plan to return there and volunteer. It takes 4 hours to set up and they need more volunteers.

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    I loved it. Great job, SweetMona. Thanks for all you do.

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