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Thread: Large Scale Myspace Community

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    Large Scale Myspace Community

    An interesting possibility for a way to send messages. Bulletins are very convenient for links to videos. One person could link an entire video inside a bulletin. Once we recognize it, we already understand. Could be a fun way to run things with everyone having fun on such a community level. maybe a good and fun idea
    Ron Paul for Midwest, Chicago groups and stuff. For everyone, and all the circles of friends.

    July 4th would be a great time to kick off a major push for positivity for Ron Paul. We could have fun Myspace related events where people who maybe have good computer skills can make it extremely idealistic. Like it's just like people getting togeather and having a good time or something, i have no idea, hahaha... but last night I could have told everybody about him at a concert I was at, something like 20,000 people, it was crazy how huge it could be

    Pensacola is having 311 come down to their civic center, and I think it's a great oppertunity to just have a good time. Well, *I* could probalby pull it off ... hahahahahhqa


    wouldn't that be a great idea. </end random insert>

    little more large scale, just talk to people, tell them the news. tell people the news. and we'll all be a part of it. ahahaha peace !/ hahahaha .... yeahh ... haha yeah ye

    <conclusion> I had a great time writing this little essayyyyyyy....!!!!!!! hahahahhahaha ha end ........
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