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Thread: Start of WW3???

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    Post Start of WW3???

    I searched and couldn't find a reference to this piece of news. At first glance, it's a noble thought, but then again, how divided is he trying to make this fragile world?

    A McCain quote that I found troubling:

    "It could act where the U.N. fails to act, with or without Moscow's and Beijing's approval."

    Is he trying to go back to the Cold War days again? What happened to no-entangling alliances?? UN, NATO, NAFTA and now this?
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    no entangling alliances is soooooo 18th century

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    that is bull$#@!.

    great.. more globalization from both major candidates....

    Ron Paul can save us all..

    if not him i guess its up to Bob Barr.
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    League of Democracies? John McCain the enemy of national sovereignty and the champion of world government.

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