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Thread: Start of Something Big?

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    Start of Something Big?

    Start of Something Big?
    With former Republican Congressman Bob Barr securing the Libertarian Party's presidential nod and former Democrat Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney seeking the Green Party presidential nod, are we poised for a sea change in American politics?

    Odds are low. The Rs and Ds -- ossified and entrenched as they are -- have rigged the game for themselves. And yet, voters may be poised to begin to think outside the box. Still, Denmark by the Potomac emits that putrid stench that it does. Sunshine and the fresh air of real choice may well begin to take hold in 2008. Plausible contenders -- some might even say "turncoats"--are calling out their former teams, and speaking truth to power.

    A McCain/Obama "showdown" may be -- all things considered -- the weakest field in a century. A septuagenarian who is engrained in the system as it is vs. a charismatic rookie by political standards...not much of a choice from this vantage point. A man whose very sanity and emotional stability has been widely questioned vs. man who consorts with conspiracy theorists and violent revolutionaries.

    Is it really so "crazy" to be thinking about a third way in 2008?

    On its face: No. Substantively: No, again.


    Posted by Robert Capozzi on May 26, 2008 06:45 AM |
    My review of the For Liberty documentary:
    (please Digg and post comments on the HuffPost site)

    "This political train-wreck Republicans face can largely be traced to Bush’s philosophical metamorphosis from a traditional, non-interventionist conservative to the neoconservatives’ exemplar of a 'War President', and his positioning of the Republicans as the 'War Party'."

    Nicholas Sanchez on Bush's legacy, September 30, 2007.

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    i thought this myself, longer term though, the 2 party system will collapse.

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    Blah. The people will do what's expected of them and chose between the 2 major candidates the media presents, barring Ron Paul being dragged kicking and screaming by his supporters and running as independant/third party with major league financial backing from wealthy individuals.


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    a 3rd party will only be a Viable challenge, if all 3rd parties UNITE! This would make a very formidable challenge to the current 2 party Fascist & Neocon parties. But, not a SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL with the Political corruption in Washington DC and ALL 50 states!

    * Libertarian Party
    * Constitution Party
    * Green Party
    * Independent Party

    * America First Party (2002)
    * Centrist Party (United States) (2006)
    * Independence Party of America (2007)
    * Jefferson Republican Party
    * Moderate Party (2006)
    * American Party (1969)
    * American Patriot Party (2003)
    * American Heritage Party (2000)
    * American Reform Party (1997)
    * Christian Falangist Party of America (1985)
    * Communist Party USA (1919)
    * Democratic Socialists of America
    * Freedom Road Socialist Organization (1985)
    * Independent American Party (1998)
    * Labor Party (1995)
    * Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (1997)
    * National Socialist Movement (1974)
    * New American Independent Party (2004)
    * New Black Panther Party (1989)
    * New Union Party (1974)
    * Personal Choice Party (1997)
    * Populist Party of America (2002)
    * Progressive Labor Party
    * Ray O. Light Group (1961)
    * Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
    * Social Democratic Party of America (2007)
    * Socialist Action (1983)
    * Socialist Alternative (1986)
    * Socialist Labor Party (1876)
    * Unity08 (2006)
    * Workers Party, USA
    * World Socialist Party of the United States (1916)
    * American Centrist Party (2004)
    * Marijuana Party (2002)
    * Party for Socialism and Liberation (2006)
    * Peace and Freedom Party (1967) - active primarily in California
    * Prohibition Party (1867)
    * Reform Party of the United States of America (1995) - currently divided into two factions both using the name of the "Reform Party"
    * Socialist Equality Party (1953)
    * Socialist Party USA (1973)
    * Socialist Workers Party (1938)
    * Workers World Party (1959)
    * Working Families Party (1998)
    * United Clingon and Syborge rights party (1969)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kludge View Post
    "* Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (1997)"


    These guys?


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    did not realize a nazi party still existed. I thought it was just skinheads in combat boots and suspenders listening to Oye punk nowadays. Meh, learn something everyday...$#@!ing nazis

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