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Thread: Pigeon @#$% Causes MN bridge collapse!

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    Pigeon @#$% Causes MN bridge collapse!

    WTF, they can't be serious, I suppose we should expect every bridge and city building in the US to collapse now.

    Experts tie pigeon dung to Minn. collapse -

    or was it this?
    De-icing system examined in bridge collapse - Yahoo! News

    My op is that they should concentrate more on the lax maintenance due to funding cuts, and possibly faulty design, and not pass the blame onto some birds.

    For all you 9/11 was pigeon $#@!.
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    Well. If sh*t causes collapse, at least the White House and the Capitol Building should be falling over by now.

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    I can't believe that neither article addressed the single-most important factor in bridge collapses - gravity.

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    Yeah it's not the fault of the government(can't be, never). Must be terrorists or at least Al-Qaeda friendly pigeons. -.-

    ..if that is true it's even more disastrous...imagine how many years of ignorance and failure it takes till a bridge comes down because of animal $#@!.

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