My congressman (who is also minority leader of the house) is in strong favor of the telecom immunity. I wrote him a short letter and he wrote me back a typical response.
I was hoping I may be able to get through him, at least a little with something a bit longer and more pointed than I tried before. What do you think of this?

Thanks everyone

Sir, I am a republican. I believe in a constitutional style republican government. I have always voted republican, I even voted for you twice.
I am begging you to read my whole message. It is very important to me as your constituent.
Thank you.

I have no problem with most of the Protect America Bill in general, just the immunity. I assure you I have looked at every angle. Please sir, I am begging you to stop violating your oath of office. I have always respected you as a centrist but this immunity is just down and out communist, plain and simple.

I have a terribly difficult time believing that without immunity these companies would be at danger. How could they be at danger if they did nothing wrong? You can not sue someone without them them doing you harm.

I have a hard time believing the government would have trouble contracting telecommunication companies without the immunity. Contractors will be banging on your door sir to get this contract. Companies are in love with government funded jobs because of the disregard congress has for saving tax payer money. Large telecommunication companies have insurance. Its not like they would be signing up for the contract just to do the government and its citizens a big favor - we should not treat them like our armed forces - they are not sacrificing anything for love of country. They sign up and lobby for the cash, plain and simple - nothing patriotic or praiseworthy about it. And it certainly does not deserve immunity. Hell, our armed servicemen do not even get immunity and they risk death!

Also, I am wondering if the immunity was a suggestion by a favorite telecommunication lobbyist. There has been many cases where if your company has donated to the republicans during this administration you got special privileges. (This is true sir, I am not taking sides, I am a republican) So why should we trust the government contractors when we can't even trust the government?

Sir, why should I, as a United States citizen be forced to be inconvenienced? The telecommunication companies would be working for me, paid for with my tax dollars. If I hire Time-Warner to install my phone and they listen in on the line surely I can sue when I collectively with other Americans hire the government contractor, if they do the same thing why can't we sue? Sir, this is in clear violation of my rights as a United States citizen. Why must we oppress people at home in order to "spread democracy" abroad? It is in strict contradiction. In my book sir, allowing my civil rights to be violated would be allowing the terrorists to win.
If they hate us for being free is it congresses mission to keep us safe by removing their motivation?

Also, being a history buff why should I trust the government at all ever? Didn't our founding fathers even say to never trust anyone in power? I know history sir and the United States isn't anymore immune from corruption than anyone else.

Sir, when you took your oath of office you swore to abide by the constitution. This is clearly unconstitutional. Do you sir find it okay to pass legislation illegally? Do you think it is okay to compromise the constitution? Because if you say no than what is your defense?
I do have some other problems with the bill also but mostly its okay. Without "protect America" there is already measures in place to allow for emergency surveillance without a warrant so I see no point in the bill other than the extra potential for abuse. I am starting to believe, of late, that congress and the president depend on Americans being dumber than rocks in order to pass their agendas.

Sometime people get lost in the left and right political web and forget to look to facts. But no ones agenda is more important than the agenda of keeping ourselves honest to our constitution which has been largely ignored. We are a country of laws, we can not just choose at a whim which ones we will follow and which we will ignore. It has taken me more than an hour to express myself to you and I hope you take me seriously. This is about more than just FISA.

"We should have a strong president -- strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that a president shouldn’t have." --Ron Paul

And I would extend this sentiment to the congress and Senate as well.

I request a personal reply, not a canned one like I usually get. I know that was long and I appreciate your hearing me out.

Erin Hughes

PS. Let us be reminded
"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home" James Madison