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Thread: RSVP and Pay Your $50 Deposit NOW for the Charter Bus Routes on the Ronvoy to DC!!!

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    Exclamation RSVP and Pay Your $50 Deposit NOW for the Charter Bus Routes on the Ronvoy to DC!!!

    A $50 deposit is required to RSVP for a charter bus for the Ronvoy to DC by Friday, May 16th! You may pay your deposit by going to the May calendar page and RSVPing for your city's charter bus "meeting" scheduled for May 16th at noon. Please note the specific departure date for your city on the Travel & Lodging Itinerary in the files section - this is the official itinerary for the Ronvoy to DC. If your city is on the LA route, you will choose the LA Ronvoy charter bus, and RSVP there.

    People across the nation can take a charter bus on the Ronvoy to DC for $360 per person, including taxes, tolls, parking and gratuity, no matter where you are coming from, thanks to USA Bus Charter, the official charter bus company of the Ronvoy to DC. Three payments: $50 on Friday, May 16th; $155 on May 24, and $155 on June 15. You may make these payments by credit card via paypal on the Travel & Lodging Meetup site's May 16th calendar items. If you want to pay by regular mail, you may send a money order for the FULL amount of your reservation $360 per person, to Susan Wolfe, the Travel & Lodging Committee Chair. Please contact Susan privately for more information.

    NOTE: Charter buses can hold 55 people each. Your $50 deposit is due THIS FRIDAY AT NOON CST! If there are not enough people who sign up for your charter route, your deposit will be refunded to you, otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable. I encourage each of you to encourage others to sign up for the charter on your route!

    Charter bus drivers cannot drive for more than ten hours per day.
    Hotel, not campground, lodging is required for charter bus service overnight. In DC, hotel lodging will be required, and it is the group's responsibility to pay for the driver(s)'s rooms. Most hotels will "comp" the driver rooms for bus tours. Hotel group rates are being negotiated right now nationwide, along every Ronvoy route. Once a charter bus is fully reserved by deposit, that charter group would be automatically blocked into medium level room blocks along the route. Rates will be posted for the hotels on the routes soon.

    Ronvoy routes have been created based on charter bus pricing with one driver, and therefore overnight lodging is required every night of the route.

    Ronvoy Liaison cities attendees along the routes can RSVP and pay a deposit for your route's origination city charter buses. For example, if you live in Butte, MT or Bismarck, ND, you will want to RSVP for the Seattle charter bus route since Seattle is the origination city (the first city) on your charter bus route.

    IMPORTANT!!! The rate for EVERY person in America is $360 roundtrip including all taxes, tolls, parking and gratuity! $50 deposit is due Friday!

    The ONLY people who will have a reduced rate are the citizens of New Orleans who will be traveling on the Ronvoy to DC by charter. Their rate will be $225 per person, but the deposit is still $50 by this Friday at noon CST!

    NOTE: Only those who live in NOLA, and are departing from NOLA, are eligible for this rate, in honor of the victims of Hurrican Katrina. Some of the people are even still homeless after Katrina. We're sorry, but other travelers from cities on the NOLA route will pay $360.

    If you choose not to join us on the charter because the rate is not cost effective for you, we understand, but please join us on the Ronvoy anyway!

    Please keep in mind that you may always donate to the Ronvoy to DC charter buses by visiting the welcome page of the website and clicking the paypal button on the front page! If you can help others get to DC by charter, then let's do it! Thanks, guys!
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