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Thread: Action Alert, B&N FRAUD against Manifesto

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    Angry Action Alert, B&N FRAUD against Manifesto

    Ok, I'm pretty mad right now. I just got back from Barnes & Noble. I was excited to go and see the new prominent position of The Manifesto, as it is now a bestseller in every sense of the word. Also, BN offers its members 40% off bestsellers (30% to everybody else) and I was going to get a few more copies.

    However, it was still in the back corner of the sotre, bottom shelf, 3 copies. (there were 6 on April 30th an I bought two of them) I was under the apparenty mistaken impression that the BN Bestseller shelves featured prominently at the front of the store were for true bestsellers and I actually thought it was tied into the NYT list. NOT AT ALL.

    A book can be #1 everywhere, INCLUDING at and they won't necessarily feature it on the bestseller shelf up front. There is not hard critera, either. Whatever IS selling or is projected to sell. READ: whichever publisher PAYS for the self space. It is FRAUD.

    It should be the Barnes & Noble PICKS or FEATURES. They do not have to be ebstsellers to be up there and even if they are bestsellers they may not EVER make it up there.

    The gaul of these people. Every book signing he does the store sells every copy they have in stock. Our meetup group placed a really nice 1/4 page ad in the paper today. We vote on the 20th, and RP will be here the 16th and 17th. We mentioned the book and the place on the NYT and Amazon lists. Ug, I'm so irritated.

    If you feel like paying more, go buy it at the brick and mortar store. If you're smart, though, you'll buy it online for 1/2 the price and thereby give more credence to their argument that it isn't a bestseller IN the store.

    We need to getour machiene out and start making calls and emails again. Fox news style.
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