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Thread: How many bills has Ron Paul gotten passed?

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    How many bills has Ron Paul gotten passed?

    I know Ron Paul authors quite a bit of legislation, my question is how many of his authored legislation has actually passed? Separately, how many bills he has co-sponsored have passed?
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    I heard it was something like 1% of his bills get passed.
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    of course they don't pass but 1% of his bills...

    if congress wanted to save this country they could..

    they could:

    end the war and our foreign policy(cut funding)

    Abolish Federal Reserve

    help Repeal 16th Amendment

    End Drug War

    Abolish Departments..

    end Welfare over time

    the list goes on...

    so it makes alot of sense that they only pass 1% of his bills

    if that number was 100% we wouldn't be in this situation.
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    I'd be willing to bet that he writes more bills than any other congressman so his 1% would be alot more than any other congressman's 1%

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    That's 1% less they were allowed to spend..

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    That's 1% less they were allowed to spend..
    Every dollar counts
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    Conza, why do you even bother? lol.
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