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Thread: SD GOP Convention - RED HOT! - Deadline is May 5th!

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    Exclamation SD GOP Convention - RED HOT! - Deadline is May 5th!

    Calling all SD RP supporters. ESPECIALLY RURAL SD

    GOP convention is Thur June 19th - Sat. June 21th (and might go on until Sun June 22nd, who knows)

    You want a seat at the Table?

    You must contact your County Chairperson and volunteer to be:

    State Committeman or State Comitteewoman (2 positions from anywhere in your county)
    Precinct Committeman or Precinct Comittewoman (2 positions from each precinct Precinct = polling station. No more than 1 male and 1 female can be the precinctcommittee person from the same polling location.

    You have until May 5th (which really means May 3rd) to contact your county chair person (list is here: List of SD County contacts

    You may have missed the meeting (or there might not have been a mtg) but rest assured your county chairperson has the power to appoint you and there are many positions due to the precinct-level slots, and general disinterest by most everyone in your county (if you live in small town SD, you know what I mean.)


    If you cannot find a contact for your county, call Max Wetz 605-224-7347 or email and either get yourself nominated County Chairperson, which will give you the power to appoint any others (I can get you the forms ASAP if you need)
    They have been very fair and helpful, so don't take out your frustrations over what happened in NV on them. They will help you, they are committed to running a fair and open process. Ask any Ron Paul delegate, and they will tell you we were treated very fairly in Pierre.

    We can totally pack the convention and have a huge impact on the platform. Delegates have all the power. I know this is a Thur-Fri-Sat, but get time off from your job.

    As a special request, if you know anyone in McCook County (towns: Montrose, Canistota, Salem, Bridgewater, Spencer and is a McCain-Hater (they don't have to love Ron Paul, they just have to hate McCain. Have them call me. Kevin (605)421-0306

    I am the County Chair for my County, and they can go. If we push it everywhere we are strong, we can get nearly EVERY SINGLE SD RON PAUL SUPPORTER (and every friend who is a registered Republican and willing to go along.) to show up in Chamberlain/Oacoma June 19-21st.

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    Ron Paul Signs Available

    Do you or anyone you know need Ron Paul signs in SD. We have a good supply available for 50 cents each (way under cost, but we are trying to recoup some of the money for the guy who printed them). You can view the product at:

    To order or for more info contact:

    Don Campbell


    Vern Bearden

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    does anyone have need of RP slim jims, fliers, RP media, dvd's, stickers, pens etc? We have a whole chunk of them left over. I could see if others could help pitch in on paying for shipping but it is of no use to me and I am sure others here from our meetup have more also. Please let us know if you can use this in your are, this would go for the other areas that are having primaries too btw.
    "The New American Patriot will be neither left nor right, just a freeman fighting for liberty ...There will be no meaningful differences between those who want freedom. But rather, just "Americans" who want to be free and are fighting the Police State to gain that freedom. Wake up and smell the tear gas, freedom is calling its sons and daughters."
    - Louis Beam

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