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Thread: Dr. Paul Going To Idaho

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    Default Dr. Paul in Idaho

    APRIL, 25th

    Hope for America Tour, Freedom Rally

    The College of Idaho, Jewett Auditorium, 2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, ID 83605
    4:00 PM MT

    This is right of the HQ website. Get the word out. Do not miss your maybe once in a lifetime chance to see him in person.

    Fox 12 out of Boise did a story on air about the coming visit.

    So how was it? How many showed up?
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    Let the Revolution Begin!
    Keep up the good work everyone, we all play a part; the world is watching and we are on stage!

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    Default For the northerners

    For those in the north part of the state, it's much closer to go to Missoula, where Ron Paul will speak this Monday, April 21 (at 7:30 p.m. Mountain time).

    For me, that's only a four-hour drive (one way).
    Can't wait!


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    wished he wouldhave stopped by more then one podunk town in Idaho and could use some of that $4 mill to run some adds out here
    "The New American Patriot will be neither left nor right, just a freeman fighting for liberty ...There will be no meaningful differences between those who want freedom. But rather, just "Americans" who want to be free and are fighting the Police State to gain that freedom. Wake up and smell the tear gas, freedom is calling its sons and daughters."
    - Louis Beam

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