United Citizens Party Nominates Barack Obama for President
April 11th, 2008
The United Citizens Party of South Carolina held a convention on March 29 and nominated Barack Obama for president. South Carolina permits fusion. The last time a presidential candidate was the nominee of two parties in South Carolina was 1996, when Ross Perot was the nominee of both the Reform Party (which yielded 27,464 votes) and the Patriot Party (36,913 votes).

However, in order for the fusion to work this year between the Democratic and the United Citizens Parties, the two parties will need to agree on a common slate of candidates for presidential elector.

Of course, there is no certainty that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. Presumably if he is not, he will decline the presidential nomination of the United Citizens Party. The Democratic and United Citizens Party did jointly run George McGovern for president in South Carolina in 1972.

The United Citizens Party was formed in 1970, mostly by African-American activists. It has been continuously ballot-qualified since 1972, even though there were many years when it did not actually appear on the ballot. Back then, a party that had qualified in South Carolina was qualified for life, even if it went years and years without running any nominees. The United Citizens Party nominated Walt Brown for president in 2004; he was also the Socialist Party presidential nominee. Thanks to Gregg Jocoy for this news.