Has anybody read any info on the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council agreeing on a Central Bank and one currency by 2010?

I ran across it while searching news on the effects of the declining dollar on other countries' economies.

Here's the article where I saw it mentioned:

No revaluation, depegging before year-end
Joel Bowman
09 April 2008

NO CHANGE: Gulf central banks are unlikely to change monetary policy before the end of the year, Hussain said. (Getty Images)Gulf central banks are unlikely to revalue their currencies or depeg from the dollar before the end of the year, despite record inflation and the weakening US currency, Mashreq Capital's CEO has told ArabianBusiness.com.

...Gulf states agreed on Sunday resisted pressure to revalue currencies or drop their dollar pegs unilaterally following a meeting of central bank governors in Doha.

Central bank governors also agreed on fresh impetus for efforts to create a single currency by 2010.