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Thread: Sequoia Voting Systems Threatens Princeton

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    Quote Originally Posted by lastnymleft View Post
    Sequoia won. The independent analysis of the voting machine and its software has been shut down. Another nail in the coffin of the Republic.
    What I do not understand is this: Exactly what trade secrets are they claiming for protection?

    The purpose of this device is to record a voter's vote. Therefore the minimum function is to be able to create a entry in a database indicating ballot identity (maybe by using SSN, ballot number, or whatever), positions and selections. It must then be able to tally up all the votes.

    Basically, I can program the whole thing, heck, I could even use 386s with QuickBASIC to do this!

    So exactly what is in the machine that requires the protection of a trade secret? Friendly user-interface? That's a copyright issue. Source code itself? Not strictly necessary to do an independent test. Custom hardware? Not strictly necessary to do an independent test.

    I'm sorry, but just... *what* trade secret?

    This is bull$#@!. Longhorn style.
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