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Thread: Google Image Bombs

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    Google Image Bombs

    Who knows how to do a google bomb?

    It would be great if someone would see that at the first google image search for "Fred Thompson"...that or just a regular picture of Frankenberry.

    Or a Giuliani google image bomb:

    (It'll be effective for people who get irony)

    This one is already number 2 for McCain:

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    I'm not real sure how to go about doing it, but that first picture rules.

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    I'm not too familiar with google image search. But I think if one high ranked site uses that same image with alt="Fred Thompson", a good description, title/meta tags, plus naming the file fred-thompson.jpg, Then other sites link to that same page or image all using consistent anchor text it could work.

    Just a guess
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    Garbage Pail Kids for Freedom

    I hope this works
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