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Thread: We'll have our full slate of Delegates coming out of the Regional Caucuses.

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    We'll have our full slate of Delegates coming out of the Regional Caucuses.

    Thanks to myself (who runs the Sioux Falls, meet-up) and Ivan (Who runs the Brookings one) and all the other meet-up group leaders in the State, We were able to get the message out to all the meet-up groups through-out the state, in time for people to show up.

    Also thanks to the campaign who, after Ivan and Myself both called the campaign multiple times and finally got them to listen that we need support for official things here prior to the June 3rd Primery (that e-mail the campaign sent out was writen by me -- athough they edited it) sent out the e-mail and gave us a list of all the Ron Paul supporters in SD.

    Anyway, I got a list of all the Ron Paul supporters in South Dakota from the official campaign (there's a bunch that aren't in the meet-up groups, and vice versa) and a bunch of us, split them up, and spent pretty much all day Wednesday and Thursday calling everybody about the caucuses.

    I have good news. Although we didn't have a full slate of Ron Paul delegates from Every County, we have enough, that we'll have a full slate of delegates and I think alternates coming out of each region, in the regional caucuses the 15th at 10am.

    Which means Paul will have a full slate of Delegates and alternates coming out of the state convention at 1pm the same day.

    Now, we have to work on the Primery to make sure Our Delegates get to actually go to the National Convention.



    PS Please donate to our SD Liberty PAC and send as many Ron Paul delegates to Tampa from SD as possible.
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    Great work.

    Let's hope we manage to win this one.

    In case you didn't see a post earlier- a good way to convince people who are unhappy with McCain to vote for RP is to have them think of this as a protest vote- by voting for RP, they're telling McCain he better watch his back, whereas staying at home would be basically saying "McCain has my OK, so he can do whatever he can do."

    Good luck.
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