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Thread: Question about Health Savings accounts

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    Question about Health Savings accounts

    I'm a huge fan of Dr. Paul and love his stance on just about everything. Once concern that I haven't had success finding the answer to is this...

    What if someone is in critical condition and ends up staying in the hospital for 30 days or so. This is the group of people that aren't even spoken about... the money in a health savings account wouldn't cover the cost that may be $100,000+ ... would they have to die to get away from the enormous debt?

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    Yea, a stealth savings account would be great!

    One where hyper inflation wouldn't affect it's value and take away your savings, like

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    Health savings accounts

    Most health savings accounts are supplamented by a low cost, high deductable insurance policy to cover surgery, etc.

    The idea is that the health savings account will enable you to cover basic everyday health care needs tax free. When a true emergency strikes, you will have the insurance kick in and can use the health savings account to pay the deductable.

    Money not spent on health care is yours to spend as you wish at some point.
    So you have a big incentive to spend it wisely. Dr. Paul has said that he believes our only hope to control costs of health care is to make sure the consumer spends the "first dollar" because then the consumer will always ask the all important question 'HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST compared to how much it will help?'.

    This is also comparable to car insurance. No one really minds spending money on car insurance, because it isn't SO terribly expensive - but no on expects the insurance to pay for everyday repairs and service. And since you are the one paying for the new starter, you will research the costs and benefits, and be MUCH more likely to make the "right" decision compared to a government bureaucrat.

    This also allows those of us who use supplements, alternative care, etc, to finally get to pay for them with tax free dollars, and will encourage more people to do so, which many of us think would dramatically reduce the need for so much expensive medical care.

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    The thing I dont like about savings health accounts is if you change health plans or change jobs you cant continue to contribute to it. Also there are limitations on how much you can put in them each year.

    They should be flexible so anyone can put an unlimited amount in them, not be required to have a policy to be able to contribute and make all contributions equal to a TAX CREDIT. This would help kill off the income tax in a hurry and get people to save for health emergencies.
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