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Thread: RP Floridians URGENT Taxpayer Protection Amendment

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    RP Floridians URGENT Taxpayer Protection Amendment

    For those of you who live in Florida(you could be outside of Florida and still help) and you want to limit Florida's spending here's a good opportunity.

    In Florida every 20 years a committee is formed by appointed officials to discuss tax reform and they review proposals to amend the state constitution. If they decide to anything they pass will be put onto the November ballot in the election as an amendment to the constitution. No approval from the legislature or Supreme Court is necessary.

    The Americans for Prosperity along with several organizations like the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida and James Madison Institute with Ron Paul supporters have drafted an amendment called the Taxpayer Protection Amendment (Constitutional Proposal 45 or CP 45). What it does is:

    - Forces politicians on the state and local to get voter approval for ANY tax or fee increase. This way you can make sure that you get a level of government that you can afford. Citizens can determine for themselves which new, unplanned government projects to approve.

    - Ties revenue/spending increases to inflation and population growth. This insures that government spending will not run rampant. This measure also smoothes over the business cycle and prevents unnecessary future budget cuts.

    - Mandates that surplus revenue must be refunded or credited to the taxpayers, instead of just being wastefully spent.

    - Increases fiscal responsibility by forcing politicians to set up a budget stabilization fund, in the event of a revenue decline. This also helps to prevent unnecessary future budget cuts.

    - Allows politicians to set aside these rules in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. If a catastrophe occurs, politicians will be able to respond appropriately.

    So essentially the budget can't grow faster than the economy without approval by voters. This will stop politicians from raising taxes without your permission.

    Today Thursday March 6 the TBRC is meeting to discuss whether or not to pass this amendment and put it on the ballot. This is the second meeting on it, it passed unanimously the first time now different committee members will vote on it. If it passes today it will still be discussed more but will very likely make it to the ballot.

    To ensure that it passes you can email the committee members with your concerns and that you support the amendment. The committee also has the ability to change the amendment so tell them you want the amendment as it is without any changes.
    or whatever you think about the amendment

    They will be meeting today from 1:30 pm - 6 pm so email them as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes and can be short.

    ************************************************** ******

    State Chairman Dan Quiggle had an op/ed regarding the Taxpayer Protection Amendment that ran statewide

    Video of State Director Adam Guillette’s speech from the Summit

    Actual text of Amendment

    TBRC analysis of amendment

    Short Explanation of Amendment

    Defending the American Dream Summit promoting the amendment

    News on the amendment

    The Case for the Taxpayer Protection Amendment- James Madison Institute

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    from Americans for Prosperity

    The Taxpayer Protection Amendment is going to be debated by a second subcommittee tomorrow. If approved by this subcommittee, it will go to the full commission. In the full commission, the vote count looks favorable. However, it may be difficult to get through this committee. Many committee members want to weaken our proposal. If you can make it to the committee meeting, please do so. Here are the details on the meeting:

    Date: Thursday, March 6

    Time: 1:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


    Planning & Budgetary Processes Committee
    Department of Transportation, Burns Building

    Suwannee Conference Room, Second Floor
    605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee, Florida

    If you are unable to make it, you can still help us. We need as many people as possible to email these commissioners and send in letters to the editor immediately.

    Click on these links to send a message to the commissioners. Our legislation is labeled "CP 45", please e-mail these commissioners tonight and tell them that you "do not want to see CP 45 weakened."

    * Carlos Lacasa, Chair
    * Mark Bostick
    * Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte
    * Mike Hogan
    * Jacinta Mathis
    * Robert "Bob" McKee
    * Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr.
    * Jade Moore
    * Nancy Riley
    * Darryl Rouson
    * Greg Turbeville

    Also, please help us send in letters to the editor. Letters to the editor are often the most widely read part of any newspaper. With these letters, it's all about quantity, not necessarily quality. The newspapers won't usually print them unless they see interest in the topic among readers. Receiving multiple letters on this topic will show sufficient interest.

    Make sure your letters are short and to the point. Also, make sure you send your letter to every publication in your area. Click on your county for letters to the editor contact information for your local news outlets.

    * Marion, Alachua, Putnam
    * Okaloosa, Bay
    * Broward
    * Collier, Lee, Charlotte
    * Hernando, Citrus
    * Clay, St, Johns, Duval
    * Escambia
    * Polk, Highlands
    * Pinela, Hillsborough
    * Gadsden, Leon
    * St. Lucie, Martin
    * Miami-Dade
    * Seminole, Orange, Osceola
    * Palm Beach
    * De Soto, Manatee, Sarasota
    * Indian River, Brevard, Volusia

    Here are some talking points that can be used for the letters and the emails:

    * The Taxpayer Protection Amendment forces politicians on the state and local level to get approval for any tax increase.

    * The Taxpayer Protection Amendment ties spending increases on the state and local level to inflation and population growth

    * With the TPA in place, government cannot grow faster than the economy without approval from the voters

    * This proposal helped turn the economy around in Colorado

    * Had this proposal been in place in Florida, each Floridian would've received over $500 in tax relief last year

    * Had this proposal been in place in Florida, we would've received $3.6 billion in tax relief last year

    * This proposal forces politicians to act in a fiscally responsible manner

    * This proposal forces politicians to focus on real priorities like education, law enforcement, and infrastructure

    * This proposal prevents future budget cuts by smoothing over the effect of the business cycle on government

    * Taxes in Florida are the highest that they have ever been, over 10% of all income goes to state and local government

    * Amendment 1 is a tax cut, this is tax REFORM

    * We have not gained property tax relief, Amendment 1 doubled the homestead exemption, but local governments are raising the milege and creating new fees to keep getting our tax dollars

    * Florida families are over-taxed

    * This proposal was passed unanimously by a subcommittee of the TBRC on February 11th, and will now possibly be on the November '08 ballot

    * The "TPA" was passed unanimously by the one TBRC subcommittee, if approved by the second subcommittee it will go to the full commission

    * Please support Americans for Prosperity and support the Taxpayer Protection Amendment

    Here are some more links with facts on this proposal:



    Marion, Alachua, Putnam
    Star-Banner Marion
    WOCA-AM Marion
    Liberty Sentinel Alachua
    The Gainesville Sun Alachua
    WCJB-TV Alachua
    WJUF-FM Alachua
    WRUF-AM Alachua
    WUFT-FM Alachua
    WUFT-TV Alachua
    Palatka Daily News Putnam

    Okaloosa, Bay
    NW FL Daily News Okaloosa
    The News Herald Bay
    WMBB-TV Bay

    South Florida Sun-Sentinel Broward
    WFOR-TV Broward
    WIOD-AM Visit site: Broward
    WTVJ-TV Broward

    Collier, Lee, Charlotte
    Naples Daily News Collier
    Bonita Daily News Lee
    News-Press Lee
    WBBH-TV Lee
    WFTX-TV Lee
    WGCU-FM Lee
    WINK-TV Lee
    WZVN-TV Lee
    WCCF-AM Charlotte

    Hernando, Citrus
    WWJB-AM Hernando
    Citrus County Chronicle Citrus

    Clay, St. Johns, Duval
    Clay Sun Clay
    Ponte Vedra Leader St. Johns
    Ponte Vedra Recorder St. Johns
    St. Johns Recorder St. Johns
    The St. Augustine Record St. Johns
    ABC 25 NBC 12 Duval
    Duval Suns Duval
    Folio Weekly Duval
    Jacksonville Daily Record Duval
    News 4 JAX - WJXT Duval
    Shorelines Duval
    The Beaches Leader Duval
    The Florida Times-Union Duval
    WAWS-TV Duval
    WJXX-TV Duval
    WOKV AM 690 106.5 FM Duval
    WOKV-FM Duval
    WTLV-TV Duval

    Pensacola News Journal Escambia
    Pensacola News Journal Escambia
    WEAR-TV fax: 8504558972 Escambia
    WUWF-FM Escambia

    Polk, Highlands
    News Chief Polk
    The Ledger Polk
    WLKF-AM Polk
    WWTK-AM Highlands

    Pinellas, Hillsborough
    WTAN-AM Pinellas
    WTSP-TV Pinellas
    The Tampa Tribune Hillsborough
    WFLA-AM Hillsborough
    WFLA-TV Hillsborough
    WFTS-TV Hillsborough
    WTVT-TV Hillsborough
    WUSF-FM visit site: Hillsborough
    WWBA-AM visit site: Hillsborough

    Gadsden, Leon
    WTXL-TV Visit site: Gadsden
    Miami Herald Leon
    Tallahassee Democrat Leon
    WCTV-TV Leon

    St. Lucie, Martin
    The Tribune St Lucie
    WPSL-AM St Lucie
    WSTU-AM St Lucie
    Stuart News Martin

    Miami Herald Miami-Dade
    WFOR-TV Miami-Dade
    WLRN-FM Miami-Dade
    WPBT-TV Miami-Dade
    WPLG-TV Miami-Dade
    WSVN-TV Miami-Dade

    Seminole, Orange, Osceola
    WORL-AM Seminole
    Seminole Chronicle Seminole
    WOFL-TV Seminole
    Orlando Sentinel Orange
    WDBO-AM Orange
    WESH-TV Orange
    WFLF-AM fax: 4079160329 Orange
    WFTV-TV Orange
    WMFE-FM Orange
    Central Florida Advocate Orange
    Orlando Business Journal Orange
    Orlando Times Orange
    Orlando Weekly Orange
    Osceola News Gazette Osceola

    Palm Beach
    Palm Beach Daily News Palm Beach
    Palm Beach Post Palm Beach
    The Jupiter Courier Palm Beach
    WPBF-TV Palm Beach
    WPEC-TV Palm Beach
    WPTV-TV Palm Beach

    De Soto, Manatee, Sarasota
    WFLN-AM De Soto
    The Herald Manatee
    Englewood Sun Sarasota
    North Port Sun Sarasota
    Pelican Press Sarasota
    WENG-AM Sarasota
    WSRQ-AM Sarasota
    WTMY-AM Sarasota
    WWSB-TV Sarasota

    Indian River, Brevard, Volusia
    WTTB-AM Indian River
    Florida Today Brevard
    WPGS-AM Brevard
    The News-Journal Volusia
    WNDB-AM Volusia

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    the amendment passed! now it just needs to pass one more vote by the general commission in the next month and then it will be on the ballot

    from Americans for Prosperity:
    By a vote of 6 - 4, the second and final subcommittee of the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission approved the Taxpayer Protection Amendment today.

    The legislation will now move to the full Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. If approved by the full commission, it will be placed on the November '08 ballot as a proposed amendment to the state Constitution.

    Several amendments were made to the legislation. One amendment proposed would exempt the city of Jacksonville from this legislation. Initially, this amendment passed. This meant that the Taxpayer Protection Amendment would be valid in every county in Florida, except consolidated Jacksonville/Duval County.

    However, AFP members from Jacksonville were present at the hearing. During public comment they spoke strongly and eloquently against this unnecessary exemption. After hearing the passionate citizen comment from Jacksonville residents, the amendment to exempt Jacksonville was withdrawn.

    Jacksonville residents owe a sincere thanks to Jeff Hunt, Sarah Lovett and Victor Wilhelm for defeating this amendment. If not for their efforts, Jacksonville would not have been included in the Taxpayer Protection Amendment.

    Jeff Hunt, Sarah Lovett and Victor Wilhelm

    The Taxpayer Protection Amendment now only has one vote left before being placed on the November ’08 ballot. It will be debate by the full commission sometime in the next month. To pass this commission, it will need 17 of 25 votes. Currently, it looks like it is going to be very close. Many special interests are pressuring these commissioners to weaken our proposal.

    Please help us by taking one minute out of your day and emailing these four commissioners. It is very important that you tell them that you want the Taxpayer Protection Amendment. Tell them that you think that politicians should get voter approval to override the revenue cap.

    Jacinta Mathis

    Bob McKee

    Darryl Rouson

    Also, please send an email to our TBRC sponsor Mike Hogan. It is very important for us to THANK HIM for his leadership and hard work.

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