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Thread: Hammer of Truth really coming back?

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    Default Hammer of Truth really coming back?

    You decide. VanDyke already has $50,000 dollars in donations and has delayed the site for over a year. I frankly don't trust the guy. But if this site is what he has always said it would be, then this could be a great tool for the Liberty minded.

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    Sorry, I must not get out to often. I never heard of him?

    "Energy and persistence conquer all things"
    Benjamin Franklin
    The greatest sins are those who remain silent in the face of evil.

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    I dont buy it , hes been singing that same tune forever now

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    Quote Originally Posted by cujothekitten View Post
    What has he said it would be?
    The best breakdown of the whole VanDyke/LibertyMix/Hammer of Truth situation was probably done by Last Free Voice. This post in particular. In short Mr. VanDyke has touted it from the beginning as, "a libertarian answer to DailyKos."

    Also I should probably correct the dollar amount on donations, but I think it gives a gist of the enormity better than the real figure of $10,000, since, y'know, libertarians are generally strapped for cash.

    Over at Last Free Voice, poster Meg sums it up well regarding the most recent missed deadline (May 25th 2007):
    Well, now the 25th is almost over. I went to the site, and now the 25th is crossed out, and it says “Shortly”.

    My 98 year old grandmother can set up a blog in 2 minutes on Blogspot, and this supposed high-tech computer coder can’t even keep his own self-imposed timeline to set up a blog to tell us about a year late website which itself has been delayed? It’s lameness upon lameness. Recursive suckiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurtisLow View Post
    Sorry, I must not get out to often. I never heard of him?
    The links I gave in my last post should introduce you to him pretty well. He's also created this very nice image as a general libertarian poster for the age:

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