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Thread: Did the Clintons kill Vince Foster?

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    Default Did the Clintons kill Vince Foster?

    Or was it an accidental death?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AggieforPaul View Post
    Or was it an accidental death?
    Check out : The Strange Death of Vincent Foster by Christopher Ruddy.

    Very in-depth analysis.

    The general consensus one gets from the book is that one can conclude that the person who DIDN'T kill Vince Foster was Vince Foster.

    There are far more questions than answers.

    Maggie Williams, Hilary's new campaign chair, was caught carrying out documents from his office the night he died.
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    Also see this:

    P.S. Just a thought... perhaps Obama's supporters would be interested to know about this?

    I think it would be a good idea to spread the word about this to Obama's supporters. Then they'll help spread the word to the rest of America. And we'll be one step closer to getting justice in America.
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    Vince Foster was murdered. There is plenty of evidence to prove a cover up. The details are here:

    Now, to me, the main piece of evidence is that the government says that the park police and the FBI did a handwriting analysis and confirmed the suicide note was Vince Foster's. Problem is, they both only analyzed one piece of writing. That's a violation of the FBI's own procedures and the park police officer who did the analysis wasn't even trained or qualified to do so!

    Now, yes, the man who paid for private analysis by 3 experts was a conservative, but again, compare the experience of the 3 men below with what the park police and the FBI did. Bottom line, if that note was a forgery, that means it had to be murder:

    "The fabrication of a "suicide" note by high officials, is just one more indication that Vincent Foster did not commit suicide.

    With us today are our expert panel whose reports you have copies of, as well as the torn note, and a set of known documents written by Vincent Foster.

    Mr. Reginald E. Alton, from Oxford Univeristy, has flown in for this conference. He is a world-recognized expert on handwriting and manuscript authentication. For 30 years he has lectured at Oxford on handwriting, and has engaged in forensic document examination.

    Recently he ruled on the authenticity of C.S. Lewis's Diaries. He has been consulted by British police authorities and has testified in British courts on both criminal and civil matters involving questioned documents.

    He has determined the note to be a forgery.

    Mr. Vincent Scalice, is formerly a homicide expert with the New York City Police Department. He is a certified Questioned Document Examiner with the American Board of Forensic Examiners. He has 22 years experience as a document examiner, and has worked for some of the country¹s largest institutions in this capacity, for example Citicorp and Chemical Bank.

    He has determined the note to be a forgery.

    Mr. Ronald Rice has 18 years experience performing civil, criminal and forensic handwriting examination. He is a consultant to the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. He has examined documents on a number of celebrated cases, and recently was asked by CNN to examine notes written by O.J. Simpson.

    He too has determined the note to be a forgery.

    Three experts--70 years of combined forensic examination experience--conclude forgery.

    Both the Park Police and later the FBI determined the note to have been written by Mr. Foster.

    But look more closely. The Capitol Police handwriting expert compared the so-called Foster note to only one document--which is not in keeping with a proper and complete examination. We learn today from Mr. Christopher Ruddy, the reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the the Park Police used the services of [a] Sergeant from the Capitol Police who has never been certified as a document examiner.

    Later the FBI, and former Special Counsel Robert Fiske reports, found the note to have been written by Foster, again by comparing it to a single document and several checks written by Foster. Like so much of the duplicity in the Fiske report, we learn that the checks proved an inconclusive match to the note. The FBI violated standard forensic procedures to match the document.

    Former FBI Director William Sessions has charged that his firing the day before Foster's death led to a "compromised" investigation into the death."

    The details of their report are here:
    “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” - Adolf Hitler

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    You also have to check out the death of Jerry Parks - former head of security of the Clinton Presidential campaign. He was in a state of panic after Vince Foster was found dead:

    "Ambrose Evans-Pritchard interviewed the Parks family extensively. In "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton," he reports that Parks was a nervous wreck for the next two months. He packed a gun and drove evasively to shake off any possible pursuers. At one point, Parks told his family that Bill Clinton was "cleaning house" and that he was "next on the list." Parks had been security chief for Clinton-Gore campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Ark., in 1992.

    On Sept. 23, 1993, as Parks was driving to his suburban Little Rock home along the Chenal Parkway, a white Chevrolet Caprice with two men inside drove alongside and peppered Parks' car with semiautomatic gunfire. Parks's car ground to a halt. A man emerged from the white Chevy, fired two rounds into Parks' chest with a 9-mm pistol, then sped off.

    Several witnesses watched the murder. The killers were never found."

    Odd that a security chief for a Presidential campaign headquarters could be blown away on a city street in broad daylight with no one ever found or much less arrested for the crime.

    Random killing of a security chief for a Presidential campaign headquarters with no motive and no robbery? Yeah, right. Dry that one out and you can fertilize the lawn with it.

    "The London Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports that in the late '80s, Foster -- apparently on behalf of Hillary Clinton -- hired Parks to do surveillance on Bill Clinton "to gauge exactly how vulnerable her husband would be to charges of philandering" if he ran for president. Parks accumulated thick files (with photographs) detailing the future president's pattern of womanizing. According to Parks' widow, Foster called Parks from Washington about a week before his death, saying Hillary was frantic about those files and the potential damage they could cause both Bill and Hillary. Just a day or two before his death, Foster called Parks again, heatedly demanding the files. Parks refused. A week or so after Foster's death, the Parks home was broken into -- a sophisticated burglary in which phone lines and the alarm system were disabled. The files were stolen. Two months later, Parks was murdered. I asked Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on my radio show what was the most under-investigated aspect of the Clinton scandals. He replied without hesitation, "The death of Jerry Luther Parks."
    “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” - Adolf Hitler

    "We should never forget that everything Adolf Hilter did in Germany was 'legal'" - Martin Luther King Jr.,
    from a Birmingham jail, April 16, 1963.

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    Default 50 people murdered during Clinton's Era

    I received an email from someone with all names of body counts who were murderd (most of them were ruled out as "suidical"). I can post their names here if you want me to.

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    I highly doubt that the some where in the 200 some odd suspicious deaths related to the Clinton Administration were all accidental.
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    No, definitely a suicide. I know many people that are able to shoot themselves multiple times in the back of the head.

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    See this:

    The Clinton Body-Count

    and this:

    The real story behind the Clinton body count

    Spread the word to Obama supporters, so they can help spread the word to the rest of America and get the truth out.

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