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Thread: Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers. What do you see?

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    Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers. What do you see?

    I haven't seen a single Obama, Hillary, Huck or Mccain sign or bumper sticker. I only see Ron Paul! You guys rock.

    What about your neighborhood?

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    Just one Huckabee sign, actually saw a bunch of Kucinich signs until he dropped out. Can't drive 10 miles in my county without seeing a Ron Paul sign, and they've been pulling them down too, but they keep popping up. A huge thanks to many members of this forum that sent their unused materials to PA supporters, rest assured they are all being distributed to potential voters with a handshake and a smile!

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    Yesterday, while on the way to plant 4x8's at polling places in Chambers County, TX, I saw some Hillary signs in a bad section of South Houston. There are some other signs at the polling places. RP dominates though. I'll take pictures later when I go for my evening shift at an early voting place.

    and here is a pic of Dave and a sign we planted. One of four viewable from I-10

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    ~ C.Coolidge

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    I've seen one Huckabee bumper sticker ever. It was ugly. It was Red Yellow and blue.

    There are a growing number of Obama signs and stickers... and some Hillary. I've seen one small McCain sign.

    But there's still a ton of Ron Paul stickers, signs, banners etc... everywhere.
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    I've seen at least 5 good sized RP signs on I-79 from Charleston (WV) to my college's town and I've also seen a few going towards the city. I've definitely seen bumper stickers, and in a convenience store in my school's town, there's a pile of slim jims right in front of the cash register! I was really surprised!

    Advertising these ways in a small town seems to be quite helpful.
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    I saw one Rudy -- and Hillary (parked car).

    I have yet to see one for:

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    My sister just got a dollar in change the other day that said,

    "Vote for an Honest Man: Ron Paul 2008 .Com"

    no dollar vandalism for hucky barck attack hitlery or mcinsane.
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    only ron paul everywhere, and more and more still, here in northern nevada. A DRAFT RON PAUL--Independent for President sign in Minden, NV and everyone in my two meetup groups (and probably some more around us) is going to write handwritten letters to Paul after March 4th saying we really want him to run indy, we will send him tons of donations if he does so, and we will get signatures and canvass and be precinct captains for the whole 7 months left.

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    I've seen PLENTY of Ron Paul signs. One Romney sign (now gone), and one Edwards sign (now gone). I've also seen one Obama bumper sticker. Ron Paul domination.

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    4 Ron Paul signs, 1 Hillary and 1 Obama in peoples yards. Add all the signs I nailed to telephone polls at intersections.
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    I have seen.. 2 Paul lawn signs, 1 Revolution sign, 1 obama sticker, and all those homemade signs I put up myself (about 20?). But this is neocon country that I live in.

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    theres a woman that drives a car that parks in front of my car every night when she gets home. she has a hilary bumper sticker.....i just so happen to have an extra RP bumper sticker.....hmmmmmmmmm

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    here in lowell mass i live right near campus and, at an apartment down the street theres a ron paul sign, and in the frat house neighborhood theres another sign... no signs for anyone else.

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    I've only seen RP signs (which I yell Ron Paul for the WIN! when I see)... I saw one lousy Obama sign on Feb 5th (now gone).

    I haven't seen any other candidates signs other than the one.
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