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Thread: Ron Paul's Rifles - photos only please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pericles View Post
    Night fighter setup - FN M16A4 upper with Trijicon TA31-RCO-A4CP ACOG and PVS-14 Night Vision Device. Through the night scope, the ACOG reticle looks like an aiming dot.

    This just about does my AR type procurement, unless something interesting comes along. On to some more exotic stuff.
    I'm just hoping I build enough of a nest egg to get an LMT 308 MWS 20 before TSHTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pericles View Post
    I think it is time for the TA-50 layout, which may give some readers a helpful guide.

    You need a rifle, ammunition, and the tools needed to keep it operating. For AR guys, this means the usual combat load of 210 rounds ready to go.

    You need to carry magazines, some water, a sharp instrument, some stuff to help patch a hole that might get put into you, a way to help find your way about, and maybe a sidearm with ammunition. I still like the LCE system, while Molle gear is the latest fashion rage.

    I believe in the helmet - they might get you, but make them work for it. It also makes a handy camp stool and has other uses.

    Some folks find the pistol to be optional - the active military only issue one individual weapon per person.

    Next is the field jacket with liner, 2 sets of BDUs, and gore-tex wet weather parka and trousers. You might want to choose a fashion style to distinguish you and your friends from those who are not. The BDU is no longer worn by the US Army, and multi-cam or digi-cam look too much like the People's Liberation Army for my taste. Also there is a US Militia tradition of wearing a slighly different color than the Regular Army. In the War of 1812, militia wore a blueish gray, while regulars wore dark blue. In the Mexican War, many militia wore the old steel gray 1821 model uniform, while the regulars wore the light blue model 1832 uniform. In the War Between the States, Confederates tried to use the blueish-gray of the militia of 1812, while the New York Grays and many other militias- wore gray. In each of those wars, the militia resented being issued regular army uniforms as the war progressed. Finally, in the Spanish American War, militia wore blue while the regulars wore khaki. Being one uniform style behind the regulars is a long tradition in the US.

    Back at the top, the bottles of small arms lubricant and cleaner and rags do not fit in the buttstock, so are carried in the pack to the right.

    A couple of watertight containers are useful for matches and the emergency TP stash and such.

    Next down is the E-tool and carrier, which I attach to the pack - as I tend to go with the school of thoght that if I have the time to dig, I have the pack with me.

    Next down is a map case, which in Army parlance was known as the "*** bag" because it made a handy means of carrying not only maps, but I used it for gloves, flashlight, and on occaision, grenades.

    The importance of good boots need not be detailed here.

    Last column starts with the pack, next is the sleeping bag, although a shelter half and blanket are a good alternative.

    Next down is the personal care kit for toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and blades.

    To the right are 3 MREs (Meals Rejected by Ethopians) as an emergency ration supply, and there is an extra set of boot laces somewhere in the picture.

    Last item is body armor - not as heavy as one might think, when considering the weight of all of the stuff put together with ammunition. Again, it is my intention not to go easy.

    The other advantage to the BDU pattern is that all of the gear can be had in that style, and non coordinated camoflauge looks so tacky. Who says guys don't pay attention to such things?

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    I have not been idle (we really could use a method of posting images directly) adding to the arsenal -

    And a more current gear list here >
    Out of every one hundred men they send us, ten should not even be here. Eighty will do nothing but serve as targets for the enemy. Nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, upon them depends our success in battle. But one, ah the one, he is a real warrior, and he will bring the others back from battle alive.

    Duty is the most sublime word in the English language. Do your duty in all things. You can not do more than your duty. You should never wish to do less than your duty.

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