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Thread: Proposal: State Governors as senators?

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    Lightbulb Proposal: State Governors as senators?

    What do you guys think about this. . .

    Instead of electing senators, each governor from each state would automatically get a senate seat. I know there are two, and the second one could be either the house speaker of each state or just elected as it is done now.

    I think this would kill two birds with one stone: it makes it more likely for these individuals to hold power away from the federal government (because they personally want it, not just their constituencies), and they usually have term limits anyways.


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    Do it the old way: state legislatures elect Senators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nate895 View Post
    Do it the old way: state legislatures elect Senators.
    This is the way to promote protection of states rights.

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    ive thought about that before and i think it would be best the governor was the only per say senator. It would premote less federal involvment.
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