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Thread: Free Ron Paul Mixtape!! Dozens of Hip-hop artists show their support for Dr. Paul!!!

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    Default Free Ron Paul Mixtape!! Dozens of Hip-hop artists show their support for Dr. Paul!!!

    "Ron Paul Revolution: The Mixtape" has been released, featuring dozens of Hip-hop artists including Knights of Liberty, Rise & Consise, Soulshakers music, Dope Poet Society, Diezel P, and Topp Gun.
    Download for free at:

    I hope to soon make it into a CD so I can distribute it for free at rap shows and stuff to help spread the word!

    If you can, please donate to the DJ at the website as well. Unfortunately I'm a poor college student and I'm about $2000 in debt as a result of this effort. Costs of plugins, samples, domain names, traveling, etc. all add up.

    Thanks!!! Peace!

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    What no Kool Mo Dee and Biz Markie! Pretty cool. I'll download it and give a listen.

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    I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. -Ronald Reagan

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    yo you gotta get RON PAUL FOR THE LONG HAUL if you don't have it already

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    spread it. freedom driven art. priceless.
    love it!
    loyal to liberty

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    This is absolutely incredible. I'm only on track 2.

    I would like to buy this...

    When you're listening to music like this with a real message instead of the junk that's out there, it reminds you just how powerful and moving it can be.

    I wonder if it's possible to get one of these tracks released as a single or something... boy I wish Eminem would do a track on Ron Paul and release it for the charts.


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    Link doesn't work... is there a better link?

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