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Thread: How RP policies help Puerto Rico

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    How RP policies help Puerto Rico

    RP's withdrawal from foreign countries might mean a boost in Puerto Rico's economy as we bring troops home.

    Puerto Rico is a good example that RP's policies work because most PR residents do not pay federal income tax.

    Some areas that might help in PR:


    RP provides more of everything good; more defense, more security, more intelligence.
    • RP provides the best military. All the others weaken our military.
    • RP provides the best national security. All the others weaken our security.
    • RP provides the best intelligence. All the others weaken our intelligence.
    • RP provides the best foreign policy. All the others weaken our foreign policy.

    Ron Paul’s strong foreign policy:
    • Keep an unbeatable military.
    • Uphold the Constitution and US sovereignty: Declare the war, fight it, win it, and come home.
    • Fight terrorists with intelligence and special units to stop overstretching our troops and to keep our conventional forces free and ready for major conventional threats.
    • Secure our borders and enforce our visa laws to stop terrorists.
    • Maintain financial security through sound money, fiscal conservatism, and non-intervention (the smart way to be globally active)—You can’t win a war when you’re bankrupt.

    See more at
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