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Thread: Congressman Paul Cosponsors "Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act

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    Smile Congressman Paul Cosponsors "Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act

    Found this today ... maybe already posted but thought everyone should know. Would love to see it everwhere.... if this doesn't underscore what a great man he is... then nothing would...

    Congressman Paul Cosponsors "Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act
    Published 02/07/2008 - 3:26 p.m.

    (PressMediaWire) Washington, DC Feb. 06, 2008 - Congressman Ron Paul has signed on as a cosponsor of legislation that would prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from collecting certain debts owed to the United States by members of the Armed Forces and veterans who die as a result of an injury incurred or aggravated on active duty in a combat zone.

    If a service member dies in combat and has received Montgomery GI benefits, his or her surviving family members are required to repay those loans.

    So far the VA has attempted to recover over $56,000 from the families of 22 deceased service members, with the bulk of the money owed in the form of college loans.

    “This practice is an outrage and adds insult to injury to our fallen war heroes. They have given their lives in service to their country and they deserve better than this,” stated Congressman Paul.

    Three of the 22 cases of this occurred in the State of Texas, which is more than any other state.

    Introduced by Representative Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) H.R. 5148, The Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act would wipe the slate clean for these grieving families, giving them the peace of mind that the sacrifice their loved one made on behalf of a grateful nation is honored.


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    Very nice indeed.
    "If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing right." - H.S.T. - R.I.P. -
    Do your own research...

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    It blows my mind how service men and women could be shunned by their government. Ron Paul is an honorable man and I'm thankful he is standing up for their rights.

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    Folks, this is why we need to donate to his congressional campaign. I truly believe that it's still possible for him to win the GOP nomination, but we must ensure that he doesn't lose his seat in Congress if that doesn't happen.

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    Even after you're dead the gub-mint gets you!
    Pretty sad it takes legislation to put a stop to something that shouldn't have to be debated in the first place: when someone who dies in the service of the country, there debts die.
    "I'm thinkin' we'll rise again"

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    We need to get the bill number for this and then start calling our Representatives to make sure they know we want it passed.

    We need to start doing this for all legislation that Ron Paul endorsed.

    I'm gonna ask the mods for a new sub-forum in Liberty Forest.....

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    Now we all need to call our Representatives and get them to support this legislation.

    I want to see 10's of thousands of calls for every single piece of legislation that Ron Paul specifically endorses or opposes.

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    I agree, everyone needs to call their Congress Critters and get them to support this bill.


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    very very nice.

    one more reason to love ron paul.
    "Aggressive wars, income taxes, national IDs, domestic spying, torture regimes, secret prisons, Federal Reserve manipulation -- we don't have to take it any more." -- Ron Paul, Sept 27, 2007

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