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    I'm arguing with a fool who is trying to tell me ron paul doesn't have a chance. I told him it was all about the delegates and he is trying to tell me all of the delegates are solidified, etc. Can someone provide me with the explanation on how the delegate process works so I can explain it more clearly?

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    Is this guy registered R in a state that hasn't had it's primary yet? If not, just say "wait and see."
    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    Still talking about the GOP's guaranteed loser Trump I see.

    So, I've asked you many times to tell us how to politely tell Republicans that they're setting themselves up to lose big again, without being rude about it, yet actually being heard by them.

    Have you come up with a way yet? Or are you still too busy arguing that those who think Trump should suck all the oxygen out of every single room (thus agreeing with ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox) are the put-upon, victimized underdogs?

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    Tell him that you're too busy to educate him. He needs to learn how to teach himself again before starting rash arguments . . . People like that=annoying.
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