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    I'm arguing with a fool who is trying to tell me ron paul doesn't have a chance. I told him it was all about the delegates and he is trying to tell me all of the delegates are solidified, etc. Can someone provide me with the explanation on how the delegate process works so I can explain it more clearly?

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    Is this guy registered R in a state that hasn't had it's primary yet? If not, just say "wait and see."
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    You talk of mountains and molehills; I find that ironic. To you, being called names for using unapproved speech is a "mountain," but Edward Snowden, the NSA, the War of Terror, higher taxes, racial profiling, government run healthcare and free housing are "molehills". That sort of confused misprioritazation is exactly what's wrong with Trump supporters.
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    When your position is indefensible, a good offense becomes something more than 'the best defense'. It's the only defense.

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    Tell him that you're too busy to educate him. He needs to learn how to teach himself again before starting rash arguments . . . People like that=annoying.
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