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Texas needs to be the greatest battleground, in my humble opinion, for several reasons. I urge all who wonder, "Why Texas," to visit my thread POWER in the CONVENTION for some serious answers. Thank you.
I agree. A unique campaign called something like "Texas: Battle for the Republic".

We need to also really go after Louisiana... and go back on the state level and really keep campaigning as if the primaries haven't happened yet. This will really surprise people as well as possibly change alot of minds.

Remember that Since people cast their votes in many of the contests, events have changed things. Candidates have dropped out, new information has come to light, world events changing people's opinions, etc...

Dr. Paul showed good support in Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Louisiana, and Alaska. Judging by those states, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho may well be additional strong states for The Revolution. Local word in the papers is that Washington state may lean strong for Paul as well.

Along with Texas, that makes 13 states. The same as the original Union.

Considering who the remaining states are, and that Huckabee and Romney are more likely to win them than McCain, if Paul can accumulate 400 delegates going in to the national convention... there will be no clear nominee.

At that point, Romney will be out because neither McCain, Huckabee, nor Paul will deal with him. Which leaves the probability of a McCain-Huckabee deal.

Should that happen, there will be a huge protest by the Conservative non-Evangelicals. As well as many Evangelicals that will feel McCain is against their interests.

Paul's campaign should be as if we're already running the general election campaign... running head to head against McCain, Huckabee, and Obama.