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Thread: Crystal Broyle's 'Ron Paul' newspaper is the Ron Paul MSM (Main-Stream-Media)

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    Crystal Broyle's 'Ron Paul' newspaper is the Ron Paul MSM (Main-Stream-Media)

    Crystal Broyle's 'Ron Paul' newspaper:

    Crystal Broyle's 'Ron Paul' newspaper is the most substantial bit of Ron Paul coverage we can now give to spread the word of Ron Paul and solve the Main-Stream-Media blackout (which is no small feat - harder now post Super Tuesday).
    Flyers, buttons, stickers, banners, signs etc are good and needed but they do not feed awaking (or sleeping) people with the meat of Ron Paul's message.
    Now she had intended to spread a whole lot of the Ron Paul papers pre-Tuesday and did (which was remarkable considering the restraints of time and money).

    One poster (Landon Cook??) put local info on the papers (stickers or something) and said that they received phonecalls very soon after a whole lot of newspapers had been given out, many saying they had never heard of Ron Paul. I converted two yesterday who said they had never heard of him (MSM blackout).
    This newspaper project could be the single most greatest project in all of the campaign.
    Please consider this seriously.

    As a side note, I would love there to be somewhere on the newspaper in big bold letters:
    "Look up this video on youtube: Ron Paul Speaks the Truth Courageously"

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    This is much bigger than any of us can imagine. Not only can this bring Ron Paul to the front, it can bring a large enough group of supporters running for congressional office to "break the house".

    This can bring up massively ignored issues that can break the trust in the MSM.

    And most important this is a baby at the moment, but there are at least 3 other small journalistic papers that can work together to form a national paper. The "American Way" paper has already shown interest in helping.

    We are open right now to ideas, this is your chance to give input on how a major Ron Paul project should work.
    Are you tired of feeding the media monster with money?
    Help feed this baby ---> <------ So it can become a GIANT.
    Discuss where we should take it here

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    Bump. Come on people. 90 views and one post. This needs to be stickied or spammed everywhere.
    This is our MEDIA to communicate Ron Paul in not 'bite-size' chunks but in the format of a damn big Ron Paul buffet.
    You could do millions (at O.O6 cents a copy). We can put them in trains, busses. Houses, caffes, in our cat toilets to support the kitty litter and absorb the ... well,

    Spread the news, I mean, spread the newspaper! (idea).

    I shall bump oft.

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    How much do we have to pay for a bundle so that we can spread these newspapers around?

    Is the RP newspaper focusing on Texas and other states right now with a month to go before the primaries!?

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    I am still waiting to hear back from Crystal,
    at the moment though myself and a few others supporters are working on establishing a newspaper corporation, for the national editorial version.
    Are you tired of feeding the media monster with money?
    Help feed this baby ---> <------ So it can become a GIANT.
    Discuss where we should take it here

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    keep posting here because people need to know about this. I am convinced this is a better and cheap way of spreading loads more convincing material than just a sign or bumper sticker.

    A post here the other day showed photos/scans of them and they looked spiffy!

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    Bump this baby! We still have a chance, people. Now there are less states to focus on and they are spread out. Let's get his message spread. We have a major fighting chance if we can get Ron Paul in 1st place in at least 5 states.

    Let's do this.

    Need help with the delegate process?

    Yo, Tommy! I didn't hear no bell...
    ---Rocky Balboa, after Rocky has been seemingly defeated

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    By the way, I want to use the ChipIn, but it says that the event expired. Could we create another chipin that lasts longer? Come on, if we can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a blimp, this should be easy!! Plus the newspaper actually awakens people to the ideas of Ron Paul. The blimp's only possibility is to get people to research on their own.

    Need help with the delegate process?

    Yo, Tommy! I didn't hear no bell...
    ---Rocky Balboa, after Rocky has been seemingly defeated

    Fab's Adventures

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    Well, I got a copy of the paper after I chipped in, it's really nice people. Well laid out and terrific info! If she is still doing this paper, I highly recommend donating.
    The more laws and order are made prominent,
    The more thieves and robbers there will be.

    "Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true."~ Buddha

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    I've already contacted them to offer my help in distributing these when they are ready to cover Mississippi.

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    The paper does look good, but unfortunately it is too late for Super Tuesday. We could have used them canvassing. They would work much better than the slim jims for putting in newspaper tubes and on door steps. A newspaper is more noticable than a little slim jim.

    If Ron runs as a third party candidate, these would probably be very valuable.
    First step to ending the income tax: end payroll tax withholding.
    Require each American to write a check to their state and federal governments every month.

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    Also remember that continuing a newspaper has a benefit of getting subscribers, If we get that we can make sure the next "Ron Paul" is given a fair deal. The version we are working on is editorial and so far has a congressman in the wings to help. Our goal is to get Ron Paul to win through a very ingenious tactic. Plus ensure "Revolution" supporters running for congress get elected.
    I haven't heard back from Crystal, I can imagine it has been a lot of stress for her. Would like to know for sure if she will continue on. My project will not be ready until a few months from now.
    Are you tired of feeding the media monster with money?
    Help feed this baby ---> <------ So it can become a GIANT.
    Discuss where we should take it here

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    I was just thinking we needed our own printing press. great work guys!

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    We easily would have enough time to get this newspaper out to everyone in Texas and Ohio by the 4th of March. I put a flyer in my local paper. It cost $494 and covered over 17,000 people. It is usually cheap to put inserts into local papers which would cover areas where there isn't anyone canvassing. All old people read the local paper.

    **eta** we also have mailing lists that we can use.
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    That's just what I was thinking!

    I used to be a newspaper publisher, and I've gotta say that this project looks like a perfect candidate for an insert in local publications.

    Inserts are much cheaper than ads printed on the news pages, have a lot more space for more information, and will reach all those older voters who do read Old Media.


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    Contact her and tell he we LOVE her project and DEMAND that it marches on!!! Woot woot. If anyone can relay this to her - to start afresh with the CHIPIN and to target each state as it comes up for election.

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    Her email address is on the newspaper site.

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    Yeah we should get a paper in every driveway of every remaining state.
    Keep up the good work everyone, we all play a part; the world is watching and we are on stage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmike View Post
    We are open right now to ideas, this is your chance to give input on how a major Ron Paul project should work.
    I'm 100 percent behind the printed news. The older generation is not yet up to speed with this internet... they are joining our ranks every day.... but they still get all their meat and potatoes from print. Or worse yet.... FOX or the others on boob tube tv.

    Please someone tell me how newspaper inserts are printed and inserted. Are the inserts printed by the actual paper, or I assume they are printed independantly and then delivered to the paper for insertion ? I was in the creative department of a newspaper and never dealt with inserts... thanks in advance for any education.
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    Hey guys! This is Crystal Broyles and as the subject of this thread indicates, I created the Ron Paul Newspaper.

    My account on here was only activated today (took forever!), so I am just NOW getting to read what people have been saying on here.

    LISTEN UP: I am working with about 4 different states right now...they still want papers and the ChipIn on is still active, please donate. Also, if you want the paper in your state/county/city let me know and we can work on getting a paper for you. I have a new printer who can print for really cheap: 10,000 copies only $895.00 For that price I say: Charge it to your credit card and let's plaster the US!

    Crystal Broyles
    Creator & Editor of The Ron Paul Newspaper

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