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Thread: Romney in early lead

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    Default Romney in early lead

    Republicans: Romney leads in early results
    Posted by Alaska_Politics
    Posted: February 5, 2008 - 9:45 pm
    With 11 of 40 districts reporting statewide, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading in Republican preferential voting, according to a spreadsheet just e-mailed out by the party.

    Of 3013 ballots counted so far, Romney has 52.4 percent of the delegates, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with 31.6 percent, Rep. Ron Paul and, each with 27.6 percent, and Sen. John McCain with 27.2 percent.

    Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich says in an e-mail that turnout "exceeded all expectations."

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    Darn, my prediction was wrong. Oh well, still don't know why they are not reporting the results. I thought perhaps it was because Ron Paul was doing better in Alaska.

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    Maybe I'm just too tired, but doesn't all that add up to 140.8%?

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    Those numbers don't add up. Plus there is an apparent typo or something weird in there...


    I think they gave Romney and Huck an extra 20 or something...

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    lol, it is more than 100%, that's for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmhrvv View Post
    Maybe I'm just too tired, but doesn't all that add up to 140.8%?
    my thoughts exactly
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmhrvv View Post
    Maybe I'm just too tired, but doesn't all that add up to 140.8%?
    138.8%, but, yes.
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    Their cheating bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alaska 75% reporting

    Romney 44% 3,907
    Huckabee 22% 1,932
    Paul 17% 1480
    McCain 16% 1432
    Uncom 01% 72

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