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Thread: A Ron Paul Presidency: Payback

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    Default A Ron Paul Presidency: Payback

    Sorry if this "exercise" has already been posted.
    What kind of "payback" would you like to see extracted from the MSM when Dr. Paul wins the House?
    I'd read once or twice of possible excluding Faux and CNN from the Press Corps, but is that something the White House controls?
    Maybe Air Force One takes off from some foreign land, leaving behind the news crews of certain networks. "Whoa, sorry Brent! We thought you guys were aboard....So sorry."
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    Immediately suspend their license for 90 days and freeze all assets from sale or transfer.

    Hold public hearings to allow for any complaint from the citizenry, investigate. Issue subpoenas and take depositions from all executives to respond to charges. If found in violation of FCC laws revoke licenses and suspend all rights to future broadcasting on public airways of any responsible parties. Forfeiture and siezure of all property, equpiment, assets of those networks found to be in violation and sell off such property with funds to be used for the general welfare.

    Rewrite FCC guidelines to prohibit the use of public airwaves by any organization with more than X employees, or more than X assets. Mandatory non-profit status and salary/compensation caps.

    I'm sure I could think of others, that's a good start.

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    LOL. Well those put my little "schemes" to shame!
    "I'm thinkin' we'll rise again"

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    Deregulate the airwaves and let them learn the meaning of "free market" and "blowback".
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    How about an idea that isn't petty vengeance:

    Give only one seat in the White House Press Room to each corporate owner, and allow questions from call-ins or YouTube.

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    What did the Siberians ever do to us?

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    How about bringing back the FCC regulations we *used* to have that restricted ownership to a low maximum percentage of each market.
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    Ron Paul wouldn't be the type to try to get 'revenge' and I hope we wouldn't be either.

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    Give them all the worst that Gitmo has to offer.

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    Well, they are using public airwaves for propaganda that is not beneficial to the public. I say he should put legislation through that would immediately revoke all of their licenses.

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    I think we ought to report the CEOs and various broadcasters of the Corporate Media to the IRS for tax evasion! Let them have their fun why don't we? I am sure that Hannity and Luntz have nothing hide!
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    Default Tit for tat

    Since Ron has gotten 0.2% of the coverage, in the first 1,000 days of the Paul Administration, the MSM would get two days of access to the White House. Wolf and Jack would get an extra 30 minutes.

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    You know the PRESS and POLITICIANS are really bad when Dan Rather states, "that the Media/Press have become way too 'CHUMMY' with Washington DC and it's political parties."
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