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Thread: Wow! Only about $500 left to make this project a success!

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    Wow! Only about $500 left to make this project a success!

    Please donate, people!

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    where and when are these being delivered exactly

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    They are mostly being delivered in Alabama, BUT

    the sooner people donate, the more time these guys have to distribute!! One group of 20 did about 16,000 in 2 hours! We can't let this go to waste!!

    Please donate. Do not worry about the $5 million boost meter for now. We will get more contributions after Super Tuesday results. Help impact those results by donating now!

    BTW TS, we have about $800-ish left not $500-ish. Please spread the word!
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    They only need $369.04 There has to be 20 people here that can give $20. They need this by tonight!
    Are you tired of feeding the media monster with money?
    Help feed this baby ---> <------ So it can become a GIANT.
    Discuss where we should take it here

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