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Thread: Paul at 5%

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    Paul at 5%

    Likely Republican Primary Voters Jan 31-Feb1
    Huckabee 7%
    McCain 41%
    Paul 5%
    Romney 35%
    Someone else 2%
    Undecided 10%
    My review of the For Liberty documentary:
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    "This political train-wreck Republicans face can largely be traced to Bush’s philosophical metamorphosis from a traditional, non-interventionist conservative to the neoconservatives’ exemplar of a 'War President', and his positioning of the Republicans as the 'War Party'."

    Nicholas Sanchez on Bush's legacy, September 30, 2007.

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    5% doesn't cut it! It's Hail Mary time!!!!

    We've been playing nice thus far... and we've been getting our asses kicked! If people don't understand subtle nuanced answers maybe we need to give them a dose of blunt hammer over the head reality.

    Flyer bank machines, gas pumps, and public restrooms with the following two flyers.
    Cover a ten mile radius around polling stations.


    You will need to do this repeatedly throughout the day as supporters of Romney and McCain will remove them.

    1. McCain is an open border liberal!
    2 Mitt Romney is a dishonest liberal!

    I realize it is not nice but it is true and we need to be blunt because people don't seem to get it.
    Big bold print is called for. If we don't all do this very simple task Ron Paul will not win.

    Also we must put Llepard's ads in newspapers. Stop by the newspaper machine in the morning and manually put them in. Where this was done Ron Paul's vote percentage more than doubled!

    The following thread is also essential:

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    Have you checked the yahoo political dashboard? He is leading the "Yahoo buzz" for Deleware, but there is no poll percentage. As a matter of fact, in the states where he is leading the buzz or doing very well, there are no poll averages.
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    Sometimes it's better to be right, than to be popular.<IMHO> Unfortunately, in politics, that is hardly ever the case.

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