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Thread: My 65yo Mom's Opinion

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    My 65yo Mom's Opinion

    She called me as soon as Ron Paul was finished. She thought he was brilliant, though at this point, Ive already got her converted. The newsworth comment she made was-

    " Huckabee sounded good, because he's starting to say everything like Ron Paul"

    So, if she can see this, many will.

    I'm actually glad that Ron Paul has influenced so many, including the other candidates.
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    Glad to hear it.

    My 80 year old father voted for McCain

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    it is the Ron Paul virus. It is sweeping the nation.
    Maxed out to ALL of Ron Paul's campaigns.

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    McCain's run will soon end. Trust me.

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    someone was telling me how that RP virus video was a parody..

    it didn't seem like it to me.

    Anyway, Ron had complete pwnage on the questions.
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