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    Think about your daily routine. There are little stops you make in life that almost everyone else makes. Use these opportunities to advertise for Ron Paul. Take Ron Paul stickers with you everywhere you go. Big stickers, little stickers, rectangular ones, round ones.

    Also carry copies of Llepard's USA today ad. (someone please post a working link for download/ many of the links on this forum no longer work)

    Eye level above the urinal.

    Leave campaign lit. at dentist office waiting's offices too.

    and barber shops

    Please post more ideas in this thread and never pass up an opportunity to spread the message of freedom!

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    and beauty salons

    The next time you see a movie leave flyers before you leave. the backseats of taxis. If you are lucky you may even convince the taxi driver to help spread the word. Leave a big tip and some materials to pass out.

    Talk to your local bartender. Leave a good tip and explain that Ron Paul opposes taxing tips. Maybe you can get him to modify the tip jar to read "No Taxation of Tips Vote Ron Paul"

    This is illegal...but then again so is an unconstitutional undeclared war.

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    Don't forget to be creative:

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