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Thread: Iowa State Fair Parade- Desmoines, Iowa

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    Exclamation Iowa State Fair Parade- Desmoines, Iowa

    Iowa State Fair Parade- Des Moines, Iowa
    Wednesday, August 8th

    The parade starts at 6:30 and we are to be in the staging area at 6:00. The staging area is located at E 13th & Court- down town Des Moines. If you are coming in on I-235 take the E 14th St. exit. Go south to Court Avenue. Take a right on Court Avenue and the staging area will be the first left. We will be located at the SE corner of the parking lot. There is a parking lot on the north side of Court Avenue and west of the staging area but I am unsure if we can park there. You may need to drive around until you find parking. We cannot park in the staging area. It would be best if you could park at the end of the parade route (13th & Court) and carpool to the staging area. The parade route goes from the staging area to 13th & Grand Avenue. It is quite a distance (2 miles) so bring your walking shoes.

    PARTICIPANTS OF THE PARADE cannot throw candy, pass out literature or hand out any items along the route. If this happens we will be escorted off the route and prohibited from entering next year. Please follow this rule. We thought it would be a good idea if you want to pass out literature, DVDs, etc. is to be a spectator of the parade along the route and give to your fellow spectators while cheering on the parade participants.

    Please wear RON PAUL shirts, hats, buttons, etc. Bring any signs that you can get a hold of, big or small. If you have DVDs and would like to hand them out AS A SPECTATOR, that would be great. Ask anyone you can think of to come and walk with us. I put that we had a van & trailer combo along with 500 people. We are also expecting the Granny Warriors and a few more vehicles. Let try really hard to get this amount of people or more. If we have over this amount of people we will put people along the route to cheer and pass out literature and such.

    We were told that we are the only candidate in the parade due to using the Meet-up Group instead of going through party headquarters. YAY!!! We heard the fair parade is not allowing political candidates but have not confirmed it with the fair committee.

    Thank you so much for your participation! If you have any questions please email us at:

    If you need to get a hold of us the day of the parade please call- 515-314-6510

    Dave & Christa Keagle

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    a parade without candy?

    Boy - the kids will be lining the streets for this one. [/sarcasm]

    ps. Saw your family in Fairfield last night - good job raising such wonderful children!

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    Wink Just give out smiles

    and hugs along the way and encouragement to vote, heck I am still emailing Beltram trying to change his mind, he has been courteous and reponsive and says he wants to run for state chair for the party to which I told him he will need to take a page or two from Ron or Sanford.

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    I will be there, and so will the granny warriors

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    Thumbs up Daily Hearld (Suburban Chicago Newspaper) ran a picture of Ron Paul Supporter in Iowa

    Todays Daily Hearld (Suburban Chicago Newspaper) print addition in an article about the Iowa caucuses ran with it a picture of a Ron Paul Supporter in Iowa.

    Link to the online picture

    The caption reads "Dave Keagle of New Virginia, Iowa, gets a high five from his son Samuel as they assemble signs supporting Ron Paul at the Iowa State Fairgrounds before a speech by the Republican hopeful this week. "
    "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves" - Abraham Lincoln

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