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Thread: Here we go again.

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    Default Here we go again.

    US to push for new Iran sanctions

    The US accuses Iran of seeking to build nuclear weapons

    The US has said it will press for a new set of sanctions to be imposed on Iran over its continued failure to suspend its uranium enrichment programme. The call came after the UN's nuclear watchdog said Tehran was stepping up enrichment despite UN Security Council demands and obstructing inspections. The US said the report was "a laundry list of Iran's continued defiance of the international community".

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    You know the really sad thing is that some day a country is going to be a threat but we're not going to believe it because of all the government lies.

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    Ahamdinejad isn't all that popular with his own people. He's seen as a warmonger who's spending the public's money on nuclear and military technologies. His whole beating women for not wearing the proper Islamic dress is really hurting him as well. He's essentially trying to stay in the good graces of the ayatollahs, and he isn't even doing a good job of that. From what I remember, Iranian parliament wants to summon him to answer for all of his other campaign promises, like fixing their economy. He wants guns; they want butter. Not working out too great for him.

    Sound like any officials we might have in power?

    At any rate, if we go to war with Iran, we'll vindicate his military spending. We'll just win another enemy. I say that we should actually let diplomacy have its chance. If we were to back off our carrier groups and not infringe on Iran's sovereignty, we'd probably prove to the Iranian people that we're not going to harm them. Given that, Ahamidinejad will no longer have any justification for his military spending. That would precipitate him appearing before parliament. And that means the end of his presidency, or at the very least the end of their nuclear program. They're far away from getting the bomb, much longer than what it would take for the Iranian people to get fed up with Ahamidinejad. End of threat, without a single shot being fired.

    I hope that a declaration of war doesn't pass through Congress. Iran isn't like Iraq, it's a whole different game. They can put up one hell of a fight. I think the Iran-Iraq war proves that. And unlike before, Iran now has a modern military. A war would grind our military and economy into the ground.

    Edit: By the by, what's going on right now in the Persian gulf is like two dogs bearing their teeth at one another. We have two carriers out there, and a third on the way. They have three carrier groups in their navy total, and they've started to let them go farther out into Iranian waters.
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