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Thread: Why can't Ron Paul do what the other CFR does?

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    Question Why can't Ron Paul do what the other CFR does?

    Why can't we run 5 Ron Paul Republicans, so we can max out our donations to each of them...then let them all drop out one by one and endorse Ron Paul?

    Edit: Sorry, I meant why can we not do what the CFR candidates are doing and run multiple candidates on the same platform? Then let the candidates drop out and endorse Ron Paul?
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    What does "CFR" have to do with anything? Take it to Hot Topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MayTheRonBeWithYou View Post
    What does "CFR" have to do with anything? Take it to Hot Topics.
    hmm maybe because all the rest of the candidates left have attended CFR meetings?
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    So where would you find four more Ron Paul Republicans in Congress or Governors? Gary Johnson (NM) is one.

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    Um, because an endorsement doesn't bind their delegates to Ron Paul according to most state party rules?
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