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    Default New precinct leader here...

    Got to say.....So far of the 51 calls I've made this morning, about half have been bad numbers and half not home. Not surprised, most people at work now. Just trying to get a jump and catch whomever I can that might be by their phone.

    Taking a break for lunch now.....don't want to bother anyone while they may be eating. I have over 2017 calls to go from my precinct.........but everything they have set up for me to do has made it so VERY EASY and I am sorry I waited so long to get going, but we still have the time here in Texas although now is the time to get a jump on it.

    I know that the area I am working is apartments and condos right now. It is only one street behind my house, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by all the bad numbers I have gotten, but I was wondering if anyone else is having a high ratio of bad numbers off their own list?


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    Yes, many bad numbers. You might also find many numbers are not provided at all, which is why I favor door to door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eponym_mi View Post
    Yes, many bad numbers. You might also find many numbers are not provided at all, which is why I favor door to door.

    Yes...I will be doing the door to door later. Just trying to id support or potential support at this point. Up to call 101 now.....many, many bad numbers.

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    The combination of calls and block walking will work. I caught three new Paulers walking on Saturday and placed two yard signs yesterday on the phone in Houston. If I win my precinct, someone has to buy me a beer!

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